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5 Interesting facts you didn’t know about Jeff Bezos

Written By is_admin | December 5, 2010

Amazon's Jeff Bezos standing next to white text that reads "5 facts about Jeff Bezos"

  • Before starting off Amazon, Jeff Bezos served as the Senior Vice President at D.E.Shaw. While that's a commonly known fact, did you know he actually reported to D.E.Shaw himself?!
  • GPA: We all fight hard to score high and even a 3.5 GPA is celebrated. When Jeff graduated from Princeton, he had a GPA of 4.3 / 4
  • Bell Story: Companies starting out in a garage is a common story, Amazon also belonged to that group. In the initial days of Amazon, Jeff had a bell which would ring every time an order was placed. After a point of time, it kept ringing continuously disturbing him and he threw the bell out - a sign of Amazon's growth!
  • EC2 instance story: If Jeff still had the bell at Amazon during the Christmas season, it would have made half the world deaf - the orders peak at 73 per second! The extra hardware added during this season remained unused (almost) during the remaining months which led to the idea of giving it away to developers for a small fee and now EC2 in itself is a big business!
  • Startup: Do you know Jeff Bezos runs a startup, Blue Origin - an aerospace company
  • Bonus: He is also an investor in Basecamp!

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