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Introducing the Tech Talent Matrix

Written By Blane Shields | September 12, 2018

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Today, we're excited to launch the Tech Talent Matrix, the first matrix that measures recruiting performances and uncovers the insights you need to deliver high-quality assessments and an exceptional developer experience.

Most talent acquisition leaders today rely on basic metrics like the number of hires or time to hire to measure success. These metrics don’t tell companies what parts of their recruiting process need improvement and how to move forward.

In fact, our recent survey of tech recruiters and hiring managers found that the biggest hurdle in tech recruiting is aligning on expectations.

You can't manage what you don't measure. For the first time ever, Tech Talent Matrix gives hiring managers insight into how well their assessments are performing (based on factors like candidate feedback and completion rates). It also allows technical recruiters to see if they're targeting relevant candidates (based on factors like email open rates) and how their company benchmarks against peers.

With the Tech Talent Matrix, you can boost internal alignment and work as a unified team to deliver the right experience and quality assessments to successfully hire the talent you’re seeking.

On average, 1 assessment is taken every 8 seconds on HackerRank’s platform, giving us over 150 million assessment and candidate data points. The metrics that inform the Matrix are based on insights gathered from applying machine learning to this database, analyzing the assessment and candidate data as well as identifying signals that have a significant impact on candidate evaluation.

How does the Tech Talent Matrix work?

The Matrix is comprised of four quadrants: Leaders, Attractors, Achievers, and Learners. The quadrant a company belongs to is the graphical representation of their Candidate Response Score and Assessment Quality Score.

To learn more about:

  • How Candidate Response Scores and Assessment Quality Scores are calculated
  • What it means to be in each quadrant
  • How organizations in each category can boost their recruiting performance
  • Which industries are performing the best

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