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Save the Date! Weekly Regular Expression and Functional Programming Challenges

Written By Prashant Bhattacharji | September 11, 2013

Starting this week, we’re going to release Challenges for Text Processing/Regular Expressions, and Functional Programming, every Thursday and Friday respectively.
As Language Processing, Data Science and Text Mining gain more and more prominence, it often helps to be good with Regular Expressions as an efficient alternative to writing tedious string processing and matching functions. Regular Expressions are also the building blocks of Lexical Analysis – which is the first step towards the construction of programming languages.
Timed problems will be released on the track page, here on Thursdays.
Functional Programming is gradually gaining prominence, and while it is unlikely that the world will switch to purely functional code anytime soon, the paradigm is slowly and steadily making in-roads in the Software Engineering world, specially in parts of the code base which involve data manipulation, distributing and parallel computing and map-reduce. At times, the purpose it serves is about improving the readability of the code and in other cases, the state-less programming technique, helps eliminate common issues which occur while concurrently modifying data structures in parallel or distributed environments.
Timed problems will be released on the track page, here on Thursdays.
We hope you will enjoy our series of weekly challenges.

HackerRank’s Virtual Career Fair is back

HackerRank’s Virtual Career Fair is Back