• Submission are run on a Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) AMD64 virtualized EC2 instance
  • Multi-threading in all major languages is supported. CPU time would account for all thread's execution time in total in order to determine execution time
  • There is a limit set on size of the code submission which is 50kB
LanguageVersionStandard ChallengesML / NLP Challenges
LimitsLibrariesLimitsAdditional Libraries
Time (seconds)Memory (MB)
Time (seconds)Memory (MB)
Cgcc 7.1.0, C11 standard2512Math library
json library
2512liblinear@1.94, libsvm@3.20
C++g++ 7.1.0, C++11 standard2512Math library
json library
2512liblinear@1.94, libsvm@3.20
C++14g++ 7.1.0, C++14 standard2512Math library
json library
2512liblinear@1.94, libsvm@3.20
C#Mono compiler v5.0.1.1, .NET Framework 4.63512 newtonsoft json library3512
PythonPython 2.7.1210512Requests@2.13.0, Beautiful Soup@4.5.3101024numpy@1.12.1, scipy@0.19.0, sklearn@0.18.1, pandas@0.19.2, nltk@3.2.2, statsmodels@0.8.0, sympy@1.0, Requests@2.13.0, Beautiful Soup@4.5.3
Python 3Python 3.5.210512Requests@2.13.0, Beautiful Soup@4.5.3101024numpy@1.12.1, scipy@0.19.0, sklearn@0.18.1, pandas@0.19.2, nltk@3.2.2, statsmodels@0.8.0, sympy@1.0, Requests@2.13.0, Beautiful Soup@4.5.3
JavaSun Java 1.7.0_804512 json-simple , google/gson 501024stanford-nlp@3.2.0, weka@3-6-10, java-ml@0.1.7
Java 8Sun Java 1.8.0_1314512 json-simple , google/gson 502048stanford-nlp@3.2.0, weka@3-6-10, java-ml@0.1.7
PHPPHP 7.0.1895129512
FortranGNU Fortran 5.4.155125512
PerlPerl (v5.22.1)9512json library, Set::Scalar, Math::SparseVector & Math::SparseMatrix9512PDL & Text::NSP
RubyRuby 2.4.01051210512
Objective-CApple LLVM version 8.1.02512Foundation Framework2512
Haskellghc 8.0.2, lts-8.215512base-prelude, logict, pipes, hashtables, random, text, vector, aeson, lens, lens-aeson, split, bytestring, array, arrow-list, regex-applicative, regex-base, regex-compat, regex-pcre-builtin, regex-posix, regex-tdfa, generic-aeson, parsec, unordered-containers, attoparsec, comonad, deepseq, dlist, either, matrix, MemoTrie, threads, monad-memo, memoize, base-unicode-symbols, basic-prelude, bifunctors5512
Clojureclojure 1.8.085128512
Scalascala 2.12.27512Have your entry point inside an object named Solution json-simple example , google/gson , typelevel/cats7512stanford-nlp@3.2.0, weka@3-6-10, java-ml@0.1.7
Common Lisp (SBCL)SBCL 1.3.171251212512
LuaLua 5.3.11251212512
ErlangErlang/OTP 20 [erts-9.0]121024Have your main function in module solution121024
Javascriptnode.js v6.9.110512bignumber.js@4.0.0, jquery@3.2.1, lodash@4.17.4, underscore@1.8.310512
Brainf**kbf330000 cellsYou can download the interpreter here: bf. Decrementing 0 and incrementing 255 is disallowed. is not interpreted as 0330000 cells
Groovy2.4.115512JVM: 1.8.0_1215512
OCamlocamlopt, version 4.04.03512Jane Street OCaml core libraries3512
F#F# Compiler for F# 4.0, Mono v4.2.145124512
PyPy PyPy2.7 v5.7.03512Requests@2.2.1, Beautiful Soup@4.4.1101024numpy@1.9.2, nltk@3.0.3, sympy@0.7.6, Requests@2.2.1, Beautiful Soup@4.4.1
PyPy 3PyPy3.3 v5.7.04512Requests@2.2.1, Beautiful Soup@4.4.1101024nltk@3.0.3, sympy@0.7.6, Requests@2.2.1, Beautiful Soup@4.4.1
VB.NETMono compiler v5.0.1.1, .NET Framework 4.555125512
LOLCODEVersion 1.2 with lci v0.10.555125512
SmalltalkGNU Smalltalk 3.2.555125512
TclVersion 8.5 with tclsh55125512
RVersion 3.4.110512foreach, base64enc, bayesm, Formula, class, g.data, cluster, numDeriv, scales, codetools, permute, date, spatial, psy, digest, pwt, statmod, stringr, iterators, lattice, latticeExtra, timeDate, evaluate, tseries, fastcluster, fBasics, XML, Matrix, rjson, zoo, car, plyr, sqldf, dplyr, lubridate, randomForest, survival, data.table, parallel, xts, neuralnet, e1071, caret, deepnet, darch, tm, bit64, glmnet, forecast, reshape2, xgboost, readr10512
GNU OctaveVersion 4.0.255125512
COBOL(OpenCOBOL) 1.1.035123512
RACKETVersion 6.81051210512
RUSTVersion 1.1855125512
SWIFTApple Swift version 3.1, Target SDK: MacOSX10.123512Foundation3512
PASCALVersion 3.0.025122512
BASHVersion 4.3.4615121512
DVersion 2.074.035123512
ElixirVersion 1.4.51251212512
AdaGNU Ada compiler 4.9.335123512
NimVersion 0.16.055125512
JuliaVersion 0.5.21051210512
KotlinKotlin 1.1.34512 json-simple 501024stanford-nlp@3.2.0, weka@3-6-10, java-ml@0.1.7
ORACLE11g Express, Release - 64bit60512
Microsoft SQLMicrosoft SQL Server 2014 - 12.0.2402.0 (X64)60512
MySQLVer 5.7.18-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (x86_64)60512
DB2DB2 v10.5.0.160512