$ Winterns '19

const Hacker = {
    name: undefined,
    type: undefined,
    links: [
$ May the FOSS be with you - Aaqa Ishtyaq
$ At the forefront of code excellence - Sangam Kumar
$ Why does the Docker container fail, Bruce? So that, Kubernetes can start it again. - Aditi Srinivas
$ Brute-forcing my way through life. - Akshay
$ I turn coffee into code. Given enough coffee I could rule the world :p - Ashish Jha
$ git pull --yourself-together - Danish Prakash
$ I build team. We build [sS]*. - Harshith Mullapudi
$ My name is Nimesh Jain and I'm not an engineer* - Nimesh Jain
$ Installation in progress - Virali
$ I am never going to give up, that's my ninja way! - Progyan
$Where's Mars Argo? - Saurav Sachidanand
$ Why are you even reading this? - Srinath
$ L do you know, Gods of Death loves apples - Aditya Agarwal
$ npm install hackers@2019
[/....]pre-install: info- Installing Virali@TCE...
[\....]pre-install: info- Installing Saurav@SDE...
[|\...]pre-install: info - Installing dependency Aditi@SDE...
[||\.]node-gyp-build: info- Installing dependency Sangam@SDE...
Building Fresh Packages
[1/4] Ashish@TCE
[2/4] Srinath@TCE
[3/4] Harshith@SDE
[4/4] Aaqa@SDE
[||/.]post-install: info - Installing dependency Danish@SDE...
[|||\]lock-file: info - generating Akshay@SDE.json
warning: Aditya@SDE has unmet peer dependency react-hooks@16.5-beta
warning: Progyan@SDE has unmet peer dependency ubuntu-setup@18.04.0-alpha
error: Installation failed for Nimesh@SDE, no Gyan found!
$ npm start