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Women in Engineering

October 12th, 2018 12PM EDT - October 14th, 2018 12PM EDT



Do you have an interest in technology and finance? Join the Moody's Analytics Women in Engineering CodeSprint to solve complex algorithm challenges similar to what our team faces every day. Code to solve 5 challenges, win prizes, meet the team and land a job at Moody's Analytics!

Beginning October 12th at 12:00PM EDT / 11:00AM CDT / 9:00AM PDT you'll have 48 hours to solve 5 challenges.


1st Place

$200 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place

$150 Amazon Gift Card

3rd-5th Place

$100 Amazon gift card

Top 20

Interview with
Moody's Analytics

Top 50

Branded goodies!


  1. This is an individual participation competition.
  2. Eligibility: Open to female residents of the United States who are 18 years or older as of October 11th, 2018.
  3. Prizes for the Top 50 finishers will be rewarded to participants who consent to share their information.
  4. Top 20 finishers will be given the opportunity to interview for either a Full-time role or a 2019 Summer Internship at Moody's Analytics.
  5. Please refrain from discussing strategy during the competition.
  6. All submissions are checked by a plagiarism detector. Any case of code plagiarism will disqualify both users from the competition.
  7. You can code using our interface, which currently supports over 40 major languages. Learn about our environment and time limits here. If you are not yet familiar with our platform, check out Solve Me First to acquaint yourself.


  1. Each challenge has a pre-determined score.
  2. Each submission for each problem will be scored based on the number of test cases it passes.
  3. A participant's total score is the sum of the scores earned for each problem attempted. If you submitted more than one solution for a problem, only the highest score achieved will be used in this calculation.
  4. Participants are ranked by score, with the cumulative time taken (between the competition start time and the time of your correct submission) used to break ties.

About Us

We have impact. So will you.

Moody’s Analytics offers the standard in solutions and methodologies for measuring and handling risk. As an essential provider of data, financial modeling, analytical software, and specialized expertise, we deliver comprehensive credit risk capabilities to the financial community worldwide. Our deep experience in credit risk management and banking, combined with innovative and ground breaking technology, allows us to assist customers in new and insightful ways.

Driving Innovation

Innovation is more than coming up with new products. Innovation starts with people feeling free to think differently about the business. It’s about not being satisfied with success and not being afraid to fail. It’s about looking inside and outside for better solutions to customer needs.

Our innovation engine, the Emerging Business Unit, solidifies the company’s dedication to identifying and developing new customer solutions suggested by the work of fintech startups. We are helping startups by sharing our extensive financial information database and assisting them with “proof of concept” work. The success of these partnerships reinforces our aim to be leaders of change in the fintech space.

Opportunities for Students and Graduates

With our Engineering and Technology teams, you will build and support leading software solutions and tools used by financial institutions, governments and corporations around the world. You can expect to work closely with our Product, Sales, and Quantitative Research teams. You’ll join a team that is constantly challenged to craft, before our competitors, the best solutions that meet our customers’ dynamic needs.

Moody’s Analytics Technology Rotation (MATR) Program

Participants in this two-year rotational program are recent graduates who want to be part of a community of developers at the intersection of finance and technology. They rotate across our offices in the US, acquiring exposure to a wide variety of technologies and experiences along the way. Apply here!

  • Build state of the art software and web pages that help the world's largest financial institutions navigate risk.
  • Rotate to a new team and new assignment every six months.
  • Be challenged with projects that contribute meaningfully to our business objectives.
  • Receive mentoring and regular feedback.
  • Participate in hackathons and innovation challenges. Join relevant Meetup events hosted at our offices.
  • Be encouraged to explore your interests and find the business areas that suit you best.

Internship Opportunities

Every summer, we welcome the best new talent to our US-based internship program. We offer opportunities in technology and engineering across our businesses. All of our interns gain substantive hands-on experience, and we encourage them to develop a dynamic network of contacts and friendships and to learn about our firm.

Interested in joining our team?


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