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An iNCRedible Coding Challenge

November 5th - 7th

12PM EST / 4PM UTC / 9:30PM IST


The Challenge

Most consumers barely notice, but almost every transaction we make is powered by a software platform. Better programming makes better platforms, and better platforms makes for better business!

Join us on our quest to make the everyday easier for consumer and more profitable for businesses. Show off your incredible coding skills during this 48 hour challenge. Bring your innovation, knowledge and experience for a chance to win some amazing prizes. We’re cheering for you!


Grand Prize

iPhone 7
1 year subscription to
Safari Books

1st runner up

Apple Watch 2
1 year subscription to
Safari Books

2nd runner-up

1 year subscription to
Safari Books

4th-10th place

$100 Amazon gift card

11th-100th place

$25 Amazon gift card


  1. This is an individual participation competition.
  2. You can code using our interface, which currently supports over 40 major languages. Learn about our environment and time limits here. If you are not yet familiar with our platform, check out Solve Me First to acquaint yourself.
  3. Please refrain from discussing strategy during the competition.
  4. All submissions are checked by a plagiarism detector. Any case of code plagiarism will disqualify both users from the competition.
  5. NCR and HackerRank decisions are final.
  6. Prizes will be awarded to those participants who have given consent to share their information with NCR.
  7. Current NCR Employees are not eligible for prizes.
  8. Please expect 6-8 weeks post competition to receive your prizes.


  1. Each challenge has a pre-determined score.
  2. Each submission for each problem will be scored based on the number of test cases it passes.
  3. A participant's total score is the sum of the scores earned for each problem attempted. If you submitted more than one solution for a problem, only the highest score achieved will be used in this calculation.
  4. Participants are ranked by score, with the cumulative time taken (between the competition start time and the time of your correct submission) used to break ties.

About Us

We are NCR, a global tech company. We are the world leader in omni-channel solutions for the digitally connected economy, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. NCR enables more than 550 million transactions daily across myriad industries including: retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology, and small business. NCR software solutions optimize the everyday transactions that allow businesses to be smarter and more efficient, while saving consumers time and money.

We’re one of the world’s first tech companies and have patented world changing innovations since 1884. Today, we are an established leader in Omni-Channel Platforms, Open-APIs, and are making massive investments to develop innovative technologies in cloud, IoT, predictive analytics, and machine learning. Our 2014 acquisition of Digital Insights will soon make us a leader in big-data and predictive analytics.

At NCR, we believe that software engineering changes how people live for the better. Our software platforms define the way people bank, invest, shop, buy, eat and travel. Our software is used in 8 of the top 10 mobile banking apps; provides mobile services to passengers for all 5 of the world’s top airlines; processes over $120 billion annually in retail transactions; and is used in 160,000 restaurants around the globe. Like us, you know the online and mobile worlds better than any other—and see patterns that no one else sees. Our software engineers write code that can survive under the pressure of hundreds of thousands of requests per minute.

Connect with us and find out more about iNCRedible career opportunities.

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