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  • Use CodeScreen to screen technical candidates
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Frequently asked questions

What’s the cost of the Enterprise plan?

The price depends on the needs and requirements you have.

Drop us a line, and we’ll get you a quote right away.

What payment methods does HackerRank accept?

HackerRank accepts all major credit cards. For Enterprise customers,

invoicing is available as a payment method.

What is CodePair?

CodePair is our live pair programming solution that enables you to conduct effective technical interviews - remote or onsite. You can engage with candidates from anywhere through live chat, audio and video, all in one browser. With CodePair you can ensure standardized and compliant technical interviews company wide.

What is Projects?

Projects allows you to go beyond evaluating fundamental coding skills and assess developers’ skills based on their job function through project-based, real-world problems along with an open sandbox environment (Docker Container) for Data Science, Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack and DevOps roles.

How do support, training, and onboarding work?

Every Premium customer with a Customer Success Package gets a designated Customer Success Manager, and we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive, hands-on training and support in this space. Moving forward, your designated Customer Success Manager will be there to answer your questions, discuss best practices, provide strategic guidance, and ensure you're adding efficiency to the hiring process.

What is CodeScreen?

CodeScreen is our online technical skill assessment solution that enables you to evaluate candidates' technical skills (Coding, problem solving and more) and screen in great candidates. Create a challenge to assess for the skill-set you are looking for, invite candidates to solve your challenge. Candidate submissions are automatically graded and scored. Sort the scores to view your top candidates, and get detailed skills reports for a deep dive on candidate’s technical strengths.