HackerRank for Diversity & Inclusion

An actionable path to hiring for diversity and inclusion

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In tech hiring, diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a must have.
Embed D&I best practices into your tech hiring process, drive tangible change, and cultivate a diverse and innovative workplace.

Build a diverse
candidate pipeline

Root out unconscious
bias programmatically

Provide an inclusive
interview experience

HackerRank offers the experience-backed knowledge, platform, and partnership
to integrate D&I into the tech hiring process enabling you to go from forward-thinker to forward-doer.

The Diversity & Inclusion Challenge

Sourcing diverse candidates is the first step in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.
But unconscious bias can inadvertently weed out strong candidates.

The resume bias

Challenge the resume bias

The resume bias

Resume with bias

Candidate information—like name, email, school, employment gaps, and more—can unconsciously bias decisions in resume review.

Challenge the resume bias


With skills–based hiring approach and our Diversity and Inclusion center features, easily integrate D&I best practices into your process. Identify best fit candidates based on proven skill,
not unconscious bias.

Diversity & Inclusion Playbook with HackerRank

Build a diverse candidate pipeline

Screen a wider, more diverse pool of candidates with automated technical skill assessments.

Empower hiring teams to make better decisions with candidate skills data.

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • LGBTQ+
  • Veterans
  • Age
  • Non-Traditional Background
  • Returnships

Root out unconscious bias programmatically

Hide candidate Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like name, email, and gender in the screening and interviewing stages.

Conceal PII in CodeScreen and CodePair candidate reports to ensure unbiased evaluation.

Make pair programming sessions anonymous by removing names and disabling audio and video chat.

Provide an inclusive interview experience

Empower candidates with disabilities to showcase their skills. Provide additional time accommodations on assessments and projects on a case–by–case basis to candidates with special needs.

HackerRank Product Interface for custom time accommodations

Join the diversity and inclusion leaders using HackerRank for tech hiring


“HackerRank allowed me and my team to see quantitatively that Adriana was the right person for the job. There was a clear demonstration and data–backed argument that she possessed the skills we were hiring for, despite what was on her resume.”

Summer husband

Head of Data Science


Mother of two
lands job at Randstad
after 14 year break

“Job seekers who are currently unemployed or lack traditional experience, and have worked on some great projects, can showcase their skills with a HackerRank challenge.”

Adriana Rivera

Data Analyst

Start building a diverse and inclusive workforce today.