Virtual Career Fair

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Due to college campus closures and social distancing practices,
on-site career fairs have been canceled.

Here's how HackerRank gives you an edge to reach, identify, and hire the most qualified interns and new grads.

Grow your tech
brand and engage
with students

Review skill profiles
to pre-qualify

Reach students
at hundreds of
schools across the U.S.

An effective approach to Virtual Career Fair

Reach a broad pool
of skilled candidates

Meet the students with the right skills looking for internships and jobs from more than 500 colleges in the United States including MIT, Texas A&M, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, Oregon State, Morehouse and Purdue.

Save time by reviewing pre-built student skill profiles integrated into the Virtual Career Fair.


Share your brand and
engage with students

Share your company's culture and job opportunities with thousands of students.

Build relationships with students by hosting virtual tech talks, Q&A sessions, office hours, and more during the fair.

Cost Efficient Recruiting

With the HackerRank Virtual Career Fair you can eliminate travel costs and reduce logistical complexities while "visiting" 10x more schools scattered across the US.


Interested in exhibiting at our Fall Virtual Career Fair
on September 21, 2020