April 2022 Release Notes


Execution environment details are now visible within the UI

Details of the execution environment are now visible to the candidate within the UI. Surfacing these details within the UI helps to decrease the number of candidates being marked as out-of-test as they seek out information on the external support page of HackerRank.

Note that marking a candidate as an out-of-test window can potentially cause them to be marked as using unfair means.

Image Analysis

This feature helps users to identify suspicious behavior of candidates by monitoring their activity during the duration of the test. HackerRank has introduced three main indicators to flag the candidates (as shown in the image below) for possible suspicious activity.

Note: It is recommended to review these flagged cases before taking a final call on a person’s candidature.

The image analysis feature is currently in the Beta phase.

You can enable the feature by toggling on the ‘Image Proctoring’ option and then toggling on ‘Image Analysis’. As this feature is in Beta, read the support article before proceeding with the feature.

Other Enhancements

  • MySQL now has support for autocomplete within Screen and Interviews
  • A message is introduced that informs the candidates about having their code autosaved in the editor for any language switch for coding questions.


Interview Tiles for React and Angular

Dedicated Tiles are now available on the Interview landing page for Front-End frameworks React and Angular.

This flow helps users to start a Front-End interview by:

  • Providing HackerRank starter code
  • Importing a question from the library
  • Importing a project from a local machine or Public GIT repository

The flow with HackerRank starter code also gets a brand new IDE that enhances the overall front-end interviewing experience.

Learn more about this in the support article.


New Browser Login Emails

Previously, users were unable to check if there have been suspicious logins using their credentials which makes them susceptible to security threats.

To overcome this issue, HackerRank now records all the first-time login fingerprints of the users in a database. Users are alerted about a new login session through email alerts. Additionally, users can now secure their accounts if they do not identify the login activity.


New Content Launches

Selenium(C#) and Selenium(Python) roles are launched - HRW - Selenium

12(projects) Hands-on CSS questions that test Responsive & Delightful UI design patterns have been added.

119(coding) + 62(MCQs) Problem Solving Questions have been launched - HRW - Problem Solving.

48(code) + 50(MCQs) questions in C, SQL, Python have been launched - HRW - C, SQL, Python.

194(MCQs) in SAP, OS, Aptitude, Git, Storage have been launched - New MCQs.

24(projects) + 72(MCQs) have been launched for Front-end, Backend Engineering Roles - HRW - project questions.

Upgrades and Maintenance

  • 33 Questions on Django, Flask, and Pyspark have been upgraded to Python 3.8.
  • Leaked questions in the library have been reduced by 20%.