February 2022 Release Notes


Django Upgrade to Python v3.8

HackerRank has upgraded the Python Django stack in the “Back-End developer” question type from Python 3.5 to 3.8. The underlying Linux version is now on Ubuntu 20.4 in place of Ubuntu 16. All the questions created are supported for v3.8.

Users who have created questions in the past using Python v3.5 Django stack will see an option to upgrade their questions inside the library. Clicking on the upgrade link will start a guided workflow.


New Questions Library Experience in Interviews

HackerRank has revamped and improved the user experience as compared to the past for searching, importing, and organizing questions inside the Interview.

You can now search, filter, and read the questions before you import them. Additionally, you can organize the questions in templates and share them with your teams.

New Features in Interview Templates

Templates in Interviews help you to seamlessly group and organize your questions and share them with your teams (Click for information on how to create and use them). These Interview Templates have been enhanced with the following features to improve their usability and flexibility:

  • You can import all questions from a template at once
  • As an owner, you can rename and delete the Templates
  • As an owner, you can provide access to your team members to add or remove questions from a template

HTML/CSS/JS Playback in Interview Reports

HackerRank now supports keystroke by keystroke playback in the HTML/CSS/JS Interview Reports. You can replay the entire HTML/CSS/JS interviews and access the code executions that happened during the interview.

Import Projects Questions from Screen

If a candidate attempts a Projects Question in their Screening Test, that question can now be imported into their interviews.


SmartRecruiter Integration

A rebuild of the pre-existing SmartRecruiters integration is launched. The new version supports the following functionalities:

  • Automated Test Sync: The previous version required users to get their test requests manually approved by SR before sending them out to candidates. However, in the new version all tests that the user has access to on HackerRank for Work are synced on SR automatically
  • Filtering or Sorting: Recruiters can now filter or sort candidates based on their HackerRank Test scores
  • Inline Assessment Flow: Inline flow of assessments is when candidates who apply to a requisition are required to undergo a mandatory HackerRank assessment before submitting their application. Candidates are redirected from the ATS directly to the HackerRank Assessment platform.