June 15, 2022 Release Notes

HackerRank continuously updates the Developer Skills Platform with new improvements and fixes. These are the major updates from the first half of June 2022.


Interviewers Can Now Observe Candidates’ Screens During Interviews

Interviewers can observe candidates’ actions in real time with observation mode. This enables interviewers to assess how candidates approach challenges and form a better evaluation of their problem-solving skills.

Some highlights of observation mode are:

  • While in observation mode, the interviewer’s IDE and I/O consoles will be surrounded by a colored box to indicate that they are viewing the candidate’s screen.
  • If candidates move to the I/O console or switch tabs, this will be mirrored on the interviewer’s screen during observation mode. 
  • Interviewers can open the question description and access other features without ending observation mode, like candidate scorecards and the chat box. 
  • Interviewers can easily jump in and out of observation mode to collaborate with candidates. 

Learn more about observation mode here.

Interview Templates Are Now Accessible From the Question Library

Users can now access interview templates from the Library page by clicking the Interview Templates tab. They can change template roles and edit, share, and delete templates from the interview templates page.

Also, compatible questions can be added to existing templates or used to create a new template featuring that question from the Library page.

Read more about interview templates here.