March 2022 Release Notes


Java17 Stacks for Back-end Projects Question Type

Environmental support has been added for Java17 in addition to Java 8, for the Back-end Projects (container-based real-world challenges) questions.

These stacks support auto-complete, syntax highlighting LSP capabilities, and debugger for Java17 and are supported on Ubuntu 20.04.

Hidden Test Cases in Projects

For Project type questions, the Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack questions now support hidden test cases. These test cases help question creators ensure that the candidates solve the problems holistically and not just solve for test cases.

The path of the hidden test cases can be defined in the hackerrank.yml file, under the scoring section. The hidden test case file is used in addition to other test cases for scoring logic after the candidate submits the attempt.

Note: This file cannot be downloaded when a candidate attempts the question.

Learn more about adding hidden test cases in the Hidden Test Cases for Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack Questions article.

Revamped UI for DevOps Question Creation

The user interface of Question creation for DevOps is now upgraded to an intuitive and seamless user experience. The upgrade also includes an integrated editor for syntax check and highlighting to define Setup and Scoring scripts in the BASH editor.
Learn more here.


DevOps in Interviews

HackerRank introduces the DevOps skill for Interviews. Previously, this skill was available on Screen. Interviewers can leverage the new collaborative in-browser terminal to work on shell tasks with the candidates during Interviews. Interviewers can also use a powerful bare shell terminal on an Ubuntu server or import DevOps questions from the HackerRank library (or questions created by you) into an Interview.

Learn more about the feature here.

Improved Collaboration on the Projects IDE Terminal

Interviewers and candidates can now collaborate more efficiently on the terminal inside the Projects editor when using Project questions in Interviews. Previously, interviewers could not see the activities of the candidates on the terminal. The terminal is in sync at all times so that everyone can access the same terminal and work collaboratively.

Expanded View for Images in Question Description

You can now view the content of the images in the question descriptions more clearly. Click on any image and GIFs in the question descriptions to zoom or pan the image.

Improvements to Default Code-Stub

When a question is not imported in a coding tab, it is required that you have a basic code broken into chunks for reference to compile your code.
You can now see the default code stub for all languages every time you create a new coding tab. If either the interviewer or the candidate chooses a new language after making any changes to the code, then a new stub is generated and the previous code is appended as a comment to ensure that any progress made is not lost.


New HackerRank Status Page

HackerRank has launched a new status page with a revamped structure for sound health checks for different components of HackerRank for Work.

The following screenshot displays the new changes: