May 2022 Release Notes

HackerRank continuously updates the Developer Skills Platform with new improvements and fixes. These are the major updates from May 2022.


Template Owners Can Now Allow Other Team Members to Edit Templates

After an interview template is created, the template owner now has the option to give edit access to other team members. By giving each team member the ability to add, remove, or edit questions from the interview template, interviewing teams can continuously improve existing templates, without having to create a new one or have the template owner make changes.

See how you can toggle template edit access in the graphic below, and learn more about interviewing templates here.


.NET Upgraded to Version 6

.NET has been upgraded to the latest version 6 for all questions that use C# as a coding language. C# now supports all libraries and function types as part of the Microsoft official release.


New Recruitee Integration

HackerRank’s new integration with Recruitee enables hiring teams to deliver a seamless interviewing experience.

Send HackerRank Test Invitations From Within Recruitee

HackerRank test invitations can now be sent from within the Recruitee platform as seen in the image below.

View Candidate Results in Recruitee

After a candidate completes a test, hiring teams can view assessment results from the candidate’s Recruitee profile as shown below.

Updated Oracle Integration

HackerRank’s updated Oracle integration enables recruiters to create multiple user accounts to enable recruiters across teams and geographies to leverage the integration effectively.

Multi-Team Setup

Recruiters can now create multiple user accounts on Oracle Recruiting and add individual accounts based on their requirements.

Adding individual accounts pulls the tests into Oracle that are relevant to a specific email ID. This makes it easy for users to select a test that is most relevant to their role by removing the need for them to scroll through a list of irrelevant tests.

Previously the integration supported only one user account (ORC_HACKERRANK_USER), which had all the HackerRank tests mapped to a single user account.


Code Generator Support for Rust

Users who want to use Rust as a supported language for their coding questions will now be able to generate code stubs while creating their questions.