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Resumes and whiteboards are so 90s.
Enter 21st century screening with CodeChallenges

Create a challenge
to assess the exact skillset that you’re hiring for.

  • Select a CodeChallenge from the library or build your own

  • Pick which languages challenges can be solved in

  • 1,000’s of built-in challenges across 35 programming languages and 6 computer science domains


Invite candidates
to solve your CodeChallenges

  • Send invites directly from HackerRank or through integrated ATS platforms

  • Embed on your company’s careers page

  • Post to your HackerRank company page

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Review top performers
from your stack-ranked list.

  • Code submissions are scored and ranked automatically

  • Code timeline and playback of candidate submissions

  • Downloadable report with key insights


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HackerRank has allowed us to find diamonds in the rough that our old process didn’t give us the time to look for.
Mathias Connot, Staffing Director at VMware

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