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CodeNation Engages the Brightest Young Tech Minds with CodeChallenges

" HackerRank has redefined the way we approach tech recruiting on campus. We have been able to identify rockstar programmers through the platform, thanks to which we now have a robust tech team. "
Anuja Sivaram, head of operations at CodeNation

CodeNation, an innovative company that uses automation to develop enterprise software, makes its campus recruiting more efficient with HackerRank. Using HackerRank’s speedy coding challenges, CodeNation was able to test candidates on campuses faster than ever before.

14 Hours

Average time spent per campus before HackerRank


Average candidates assessed
per campus

3-4 Hours

Average time spent per campus
with HackerRank

About CodeNation

CodeNation is a provider of software solutions to companies. Headquartered in Bangalore, CodeNation is disrupting the way enterprise software is created by adopting a factory-style model for development and delivery. CodeNation was built from the ground up using its soul partner DevFactory’s innovative processes and tools on a revolutionary assembly line called ALINE. Unlike the conventional software development methodology, which is often costly, slow and can lead to quality issues, CodeNation automates much of the process of coding and testing. It has also been conducting development for 30+ enterprise products.

Campus Recruiting Challenges

1. Evaluating Code Manually Was Tedious

Before HackerRank, the hiring managers at CodeNation were administering tests using pen and paper. Recruiters or software engineers traveled to campuses, administered coding challenges to students, who wrote code on paper. Then, the hiring team evaluated the code manually to select candidates. Considering the average number of 200 candidates per campus test, manual code evaluation was extremely time-consuming. If it takes an average of 15 minutes to manually scan through a candidate’s code, the total time spent evaluating 200 candidates would be about 50 hours! CodeNation was looking to complete its entire process in a day, resulting in interview rounds scheduled at inconvenient hours of 2 to 3 AM. Hence, the company was looking for better ways to speed up campus recruiting to consider more candidates without sacrificing the quality of hires.

2. Engineering Hiring Managers Spent Too Much Time on Campus

Two or more software engineers managers traveled to campuses to manually evaluate code, taking away crucial software development time. Considering the growing demand for top programmers to focus on product development, CodeNation was looking for a way to free up these engineers and speed up their on-campus recruitment process.

The Solution

Launched in 2012, HackerRank is a technical talent community for developers to hone their skills and for companies to hire best tech talent. With 1M+ developers, HackerRank empowers companies with recruiting tools, such as CodeSprints and coding challenges that make sourcing, screening and interviewing effective. 1,000+ companies are revolutionizing tech recruiting with HackerRank. CodeNation leveraged HackerRank to assess technical candidates on campus.

The Results

1. CodeNation Reduced Recruitment Time by 75% per campus

With automated instant code evaluation, plagiarism detection, comprehensive test reports and an intuitive interface that appeals to both recruiters as well as candidates, HackerRank disrupted the way CodeNation recruits on campuses.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the process:

  • CodeNation screens an average of 200 candidates per campus.
  • About 60% of candidates write sub-optimal code. Without HackerRank, identifying these candidates would be a daunting manual task.
  • CodeNation now completes candidate evaluations in just 3 to 4 hours.
  • Before HackerRank, the same process took 12 to 14 hours.

The platform also identifies plagiarism by flagging submissions that detect a 70% overlap. This is a differentiating feature of the platform because it automatically weeds out undesirable candidates.

2. Saved Software Engineers’ Time

Since HackerRank automatically evaluates the code as soon as a candidate completes an assessment, CodeNation no longer requires its software engineers to be present on campuses. The software engineers or company recruiters can see the stack ranked list of candidates based on their performance in real-time. The comprehensive reports on candidate performance offer valuable insights to make informed decisions on candidates. Since the process simplifies the approach toward technical recruitment on campus, CodeNation reached all campuses on time and even administered a few campus tests remotely with no recruiters on the campus.

“The platform makes it easy to increase our reach to potential computer science students across India.” says Anuja Sivaram, head of operations at CodeNation.

3. Enhanced Candidate Experience

Candidates are typically not comfortable writing code on a piece of paper. It limits their ability to write the best possible code because there’s no provision to compile and test their code before they submit a solution.

HackerRank’s robust, built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enables candidates to code in an environment they are comfortable with. Candidates can choose their programming language and have the flexibility to compile, test and optimize their solution. Hosting a positive code test experience allows CodeNation to stand out on campus and be recognized for providing a tech-savvy approach to campus recruitment.

"What used to take us around 12 to 14 hours can now be done in 3 hours. This 80% time saving is priceless, allowing us to hit our target campuses in a very short time."
Anuja Sivaram, head of operations at CodeNation

What's Next?

CodeNation has been actively exploring different avenues in which HackerRank can empower it to hire top tech talent. The company most recently conducted a nationwide campus CodeSprint called CodeAgon, where top programmers from all over the country competed for a chance to interview for a software engineer position.

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