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Invoice2go Accelerates Hiring During Hyper-Growth
with HackerRank for Work

" HackerRank is the best tool for a tech recruiter today. "
Nick Ingall, head of people operations at Invoice2go

10 Engineers Hired in 8 Weeks

The Invoice2go team trusts HackerRank to scale its engineering team that supports over 200,000 small businesses counting on them to handle all invoices.

Invoice2go is the easiest way for small businesses to send invoices and stay organised. The #1 mobile invoicing app in the App Store, Invoice2go helps everyone, from plumbers to accountants and creative freelancers to dog walkers, manage cash flow through on-the-spot invoicing, expense tracking and simple reporting tools. It has enjoyed massive success with organic growth around the globe that recently attracted $35 million in financing from Accel Partners and Ribbit Capital.

Just six months after securing its latest funding, Invoice2go doubled its subscribers from 100,000 to 200,000. Now with offices in Sydney, Palo Alto, Jakarta and Cebu, and ambitious plans for the future, the Invoice2go team needs to grow its engineering team with highly qualified, passionate and skilled programmers to help support its massive (and growing) customer base.

Nick Ingall, who formerly built teams at Spotify, Atlassian and AdRoll, is now leading up the herculean task of scaling the startup globally to support its hyper-growth stage. One of the biggest challenges he faced was sourcing engineers fast. Implementing the HackerRank for Work platform in Sydney significantly accelerated the engineering hiring process at Invoice2go. Even with a very high bar set, the startup secured 10 engineers in 8-10 weeks, “Which for a relatively unknown brand was a great result,” Ingall says. “HackerRank is the best tool for a tech recruiter today.”

Quote It’s fast and efficient. I would recommend HackerRank for Work to anyone. A bonus is the awesome customer service we got from the sales and account manager at HackerRank.
Nick Ingall, head of people operations at Invoice2go

HackerRank was particularly helpful in unfamiliar markets, like Jakarta, because the platform filters through hundreds of candidates really fast. With some positions, Ingall receives a high volume of applicants, and HackerRank allows him to send out CodeChallenges to all of these candidates and then move forward with the best results.

"Building internal testing tools for engineering recruitment is something I have done previously, but the HackerRank tool makes it so much more scalable, and gives a great representation of our company to candidates, but in addition, our developers love it too!"

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