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Over 1,000 companies across industries, including VMware, Twitter and Capital One, use HackerRank to evaluate technical candidates better.

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Technical Recruiting. Reinvented.

Simplify your hiring process with automated technical assessments.
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We help you identify candidates in a variety of roles, including Android, database, front-end and more.

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Identify the Highest Performers

The old way of evaluating candidates was spotting keywords on thousands of resumes.

With HackerRank, you can send coding assessments in over 35+ programming languages to validate skills instantly. Choose from our library of coding assessments. Or customize your own.

21M+ Coding Assessments to Date
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Interview with a Powerful Video Platform

Improve your candidate experience with CodePair, a real-time online coding interview tool.

We help you interview in a comfortable coding environment that supports voice, video and chat all in one browser.

75% Average Screening Time Saved at VMware
Learn how to interview smarter
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We track every keystroke. If you’re ever deciding between two candidates, you can replay their solutions anytime.

Why HackerRank?

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Data-Driven Decisions

Automated assessments add consistency, objectivity and standardization to your process, helping you make better hiring decisions.

75% screening time saved on average at VMware
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Robust Library of Challenges

Our library of coding challenges cover a wide range of technical skills, like front-end development, database engineering, Android skills and more.

1,500+ high quality coding challenges
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Seamless Integrations

Our customers can easily track assessments, analyze skills and identify patterns within any applicant tracking system.

25+ partners like Lever & Greenhouse
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Booking.com’s Global Technology Recruitment Manager Talks About How They Doubled Their Tech Org Using HackerRank

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