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HackerRank is built with coding challenges at the core so you recruit the right technical talent

Sourcing Programmers Using Hackathons

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HackerRank has built a sourcing system that bridges its efficient technical assessment platform with a community of skilled developers to scale your engineering teams.

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Screening Using Code Challenges

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Assess programming skills across multiple skillsets and in over 30 programming languages with CodeChallenges from our library or customize your own. Objectively screening candidates means you don’t have to manage for biases

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Interviewing Using Code Challenges

Interview engineers with definitive results

Watch your candidate’s program in real-time to make every interview count with CodePair. Get all the benefits of a standard face-to-face interview with integrated live programming, voice, video and chat.

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See how Zenefits hired 10 engineers in 10 days

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Learn more about modern technical recruiting techniques

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