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Skills speak louder than words

We help companies develop the strongest tech teams around. We help candidates sharpen their tech skills and pursue job opportunities.

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Over 40% of developers worldwide and 3,000 companies use HackerRank

It’s not a pipeline problem. It’s a spotlight problem.

Tech hiring needs a reset. From prepping for jobs and practicing coding to running a world-class technical interview, give developers the tools they need to showcase their skills, passion, and potential.

:: Coding practice ::

Explore and expand your skills.

Every idea has a first line of code. Prep for jobs and sharpen your skills alongside a global community of developers. Access the content you need to develop new skills – and land the job you’ve dreamed of.

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:: Coding tests ::

Join the movement. Screen on skills.

Leave the binary tree behind.

Build coding questions using our library of dev-friendly content that challenges them to solve the problems they’d actually tackle on the job.

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Focus on what really matters: the code.

Build skills-based coding tests with tech problems a developer would encounter on the job — and hire the team behind your next big idea.

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Identify top contenders

Identify top contenders and invite them to meet your team using data-driven decisions that help level the playing field for developers everywhere.

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:: Technical interviews ::

Interview like it’s 2024

Ditch out of reach and out of touch interview questions about golf balls and 747s — and turn off your clunky screen share for good. Code, create, and collaborate with an IDE built to showcase real-world skills in a real-world environment.

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Every company is a tech company.We’re here to help ‘em all.

More than 3,000 tech teams, representing all industries and from countries around the world, trust HackerRank to connect with developers and add cutting-edge skills to their teams.

That includes 25% of the Fortune 100 — and that moonshot startup that just came out of stealth.

We’re discovering new ways of attracting candidates to the organization. By using HackerRank, we’re actually improving the tech image of UBS.

HackerRank has actually allowed us to look for diamonds in the rough that our old process
didn’t give us the time
or resources to look for.

We’re promoting our jobs to a much wider audience and allowing candidates to be selected for interviews purely based on the merit of their coding abilities.

We cut down hiring time by months, which was huge for us. We owe that to HackerRank.

HackerRank is a critical piece of our candidate’s experience, and hitting the right tone is just as important as identifying good candidates.

HackerRank has been a huge help in making it easy to assess the skills of all the candidates we
interview. Without it, the process of scaling our engineering team would have been very cumbersome.