10 DIY Home Plumbing Projects

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10 DIY Home Plumbing Projects

You can hire plumbers for your home projects because they can tackle the job accurately and efficiently. Indeed, they are experienced professionals who know plumbing codes. However, you do not always need their help and pay a large amount of money. Some plumbing projects are so easy that DIY homeowners can execute them without any assistance. Continue reading this article to learn more about such tasks right now!

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Replace a Toilet

Replacing a toilet with the new one is not at all a difficult task. After removing, clean up the closet flange, install the new wax ring, and place the new one. Now, tighten the bolts at the base and hook up the water supply. You should call the plumber immediately if the current closet flange is not reusable. However, you may install it by yourself if you have a wooden subfloor.

Install a Dishwasher

Like replacing a toilet, it is another convenient DIY plumbing task. You will have to take out the existing dishwasher. Then install the drainage hookups and water supply with the new dishwasher. After fixing it at the right place, you will complete this project within a few minutes.

Add Pipe Insulation

Foam pipe is essential to keep the water warm in the supply pipes. It will provide you hot water from the shower, sink, or tub without any delay. Whenever you notice uncovered hot water supply pipes, wrap them with cheap foam pipe insulation.

Place a Garbage Disposer

The next option on our list of DIY plumbing projects is replacing or installing a garbage disposer. Remember that you might need a partner to help because it can weigh up to 20 pounds. Your colleague will have to hold it when you are securing the bottom.

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Fix a Damaged Pipe

Before fixing a broken plumbing pipe, you need to shut off the main valve. It can be near the damaged part. If not, find it on the perimeter of your home. Once done, you can fix it with a few tools and inexpensive materials. In this regard, you may join PEX plastic pipe to both sides with crimp-style fittings or push-fit fittings. Alternatively, you may also install a lever shut-off valve. However, it will work solely in an exposed location.

Replace a Faucet Aerator

A faucet aerator makes the water feel softer, smoother, and easy to use. This small device introduces air into the water stream. You can take it out by unscrewing your faucet aerator counterclockwise. Tap down to clean sediments that often become a cause of clogging. Otherwise, install a new one because these do not come at a high price.

Change a Showerhead

You can change a showerhead without utilizing any tool. Stand in front of the showerhead, and turn it counterclockwise with your hand. Now, install a new one after wrapping some Teflon tape clockwise on the pipe.

Fix Shower Water Pressure

Undoubtedly, low water pressure in the shower can drive you mad when you have to get ready quickly. However, do not worry because you can fix it within a few seconds. Remove the showerhead and soak it in vinegar to remove sediment. If it does not work, purchase a new one to get the perfect water pressure.

Reseal Tub Drain

You can remove the tub drain with a screwdriver and pliers. Carefully turn it counterclockwise, and set it aside. Do not forget to place a clay-like substance known as plumber’s putty under the tub before turning it back. The tub will leak again if you do not put this putty. Therefore, work with patience and remove all gaps between the tub and the putty.

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Caulk Your Tub

The caulk on a tub often gets moldy and needs cleaning. Make sure that you remove all traces effectively. Tape it to protect the remaining areas of the tub. It will be better to use a caulking gun for squirting it correctly.

After reading this post, you will never contact any plumber to fixing these issues. Furthermore, these DIY tasks will enable you to tackle such problems without any delay.


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