A selection of useful services for programmers

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A selection of useful services for programmers

To be productive, you need an organized, intuitive workflow. As well as an idea of what your and your team's goals are, how to achieve them faster and with less effort, and where to find time to "lie down" so as not to burn out at the most important moment. We have collected services that will help in the work. Also, read how to increase productivity with PowerToys service programs.

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This service turns your daily work as a programmer into an RPG game: you can accumulate experience and level up by completing tasks. You can also make pets, collect coins and equipment - Habitica has a reward system that motivates you to keep moving forward.


Once you're logged in, you'll need to create a character and specify

  • daily tasks - those that should be completed each day;
  • to-do-tasks - those to be done only once;
  • habits - daily actions.

For "good" habits the system will give rewards, and for "bad" habits it will take away health and mana. If you don't finish all the activities within a certain period of time, the character will incur damage.

If you work in a team, you can try Habitica guilds and group quests. Add all actions to the quest and tie together each team member's tasks. In this mode, all members take damage if one slows and fails to get the job done.


The Silver Searcher

The Silver Searcher or Ag is a quick code search tool. It allows you to quickly and easily find a specific line of relevant code in a document. Its functionality is similar to Ack, but it displays results 34 times faster. It also ignores previously specified files, which means that the search results will be more accurate.


Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDEA is a functional IDE for Java development. It analyzes code and offers improvements and bug fixes. It also has auto-complete code, many tools, and plugins for integration with version control systems such as Git. With this service, programmers can create additional tools and queries, decompile, run tests, manage schemas, and more.



Mantis is a bug tracking system. Its main purpose is to find and report software defects. It sends regular updates on everything related to bugs to your mailbox. You can also decide for yourself which problems you want to be notified of. You can turn Mantis into a project management tool and a problem-tracking system. The service records the changes made by the programmer, which you can keep track of - useful for reports. If you wonder how the problems in the developed software are related, Mantis will provide graphs showing their dependencies on each other.



AutoHotKey, helps you automate repetitive actions in Windows applications. With the service you can manage files, folders and windows, script keystrokes, mouse clicks to test the graphical user interface, or similar actions. There are also many hotkeys already available. You can start with basic commands and develop the library to optimize your workflow.


Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a code editor that supports various markup and programming languages. With it, you can easily navigate through lines and files, make changes to multiple areas of code at once, and switch between projects instantly. It also has a concentration mode, so you don't have to rely on willpower to keep your eyes on the newsfeed. This mode shows the editor in a full window and the features of the browser UI are hidden.



When working in a team, you might want a simple software that makes it easier to work on different parts of a project at the same time. Codeanywhere allows developers to write code together in real time - which means completing more tasks in less time. Just invite your colleagues by sending a link to the project and define the access level for each team member. By the way, the program has no limit on the number of participants. With this code editor, you can work in a browser, on iOS and Android, and link your Codeanywhere account to Dropbox and Google Drive - to share experiences. In addition, the service allows programmers to see what their colleagues are working on at any given time.


Play Framework

Do you create applications in Java and Scala? If so, the Play Framework can be incredibly useful. You can use it to speed up your work, test your apps and sites, and see real-time fixes. The Play Framework is compatible with most Java libraries and is suitable for creating mobile and web applications.



Usually, scaling or deploying a new app has to be done by yourself. Flynn allows you to automate most of the process. The service can be customized based on your tasks. There's also no need to create custom stacks for different apps - the system takes the code and creates working software.



Haml is a markup language for simplified HTML generation. It is needed to make markup more user-friendly. The service automatically cleans up code with redundant names and adds indents to help you better understand what elements are nested. It can also be used to replace explicit code in Ruby on Rails templates.


Haml works on several principles:

  • the markup should be pretty;
  • There must be some indentation;
  • The HTML structure must be clear.



Notifications warning that the server is down are stressful. This is bad. But what's worse? Never getting these notifications, and never being suspicious of outages. Monit is a server monitoring tool that keeps you informed and sends alerts if a server goes down. This allows you to keep track of problems and resolve them quickly. Unlike most tools, Monit can take the lead - it will provide server maintenance and take care of server uptime. In addition, it has a simple and easy-to-use problem monitoring panel.



Clockify is primarily a time tracker that helps you keep track of how many hours you spend on projects, how productive you are each day month or year, also to figure out your paycheck. You can also enter hours manually, fill out a timesheet at the end of the day, and analyze how long you've been working on each project. Clockify also gamifies the process. Set scores for each task, track the time it takes to complete each one, and try to break your own records.


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