Annotated Bibliography Assignment In Three Parts | 2021 Guide

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment In Three Parts | 2021 Guide

A bibliography shows the complete list of resources that were used by an essay writer to write a paper or a project report. In some instances, the teacher or instructor specifies the number of sources to be used by the student to prepare the assignment. This method will allow you to improve the research skills in terms of locating the resources as well as analyzing and evaluating them in terms of relevance and quality. In the following lines, we will take a look at the three steps in which an annotated bibliography can be completed.


Analysis of resources

The annotation should show a summary of the source used by the researcher. When you are asked to develop an annotated bibliography, you should create the citation and notes related to the source when you analyze them. This approach will help you to improve your research skills and find out the most relevant resources for the given topic. This approach will help you in completing the annotations and citations before you start writing your paper. 

This approach analyzes the author, date, and place of publication. In the next step, an overview of the content is undertaken. The primary issues considered in this section involve the relevant qualification of the author related to the subject. The time of the source is also important, it is recommended that a source should not be more than three years old to be used as a resource. The audience is also considered and the relationship of the author to the audience should also be considered.

Describing the sources

The annotations include the main points from the source along with the major topics covered in it. The goal of this practice is to summarize the sources as precisely as possible. In the following example, we take a look at an entry that is related to the book, The Elements of Eloquence: Secrets of the Perfect Turn of Phrase_._

The author takes a look at the rhetorical devices used in the English language. The patterns and formats are analyzed which can be used to create write my paper. The history of rhetoric is researched from the Ancient greeks. Some discussion of persuasion is also found and the relative role of rhetoric is also assessed. The author has examined almost thirty distinct devices including music, and plays of Shakespeare.

The above entry is descriptive enough to let the reader know about the source in a single paragraph.

Writing the bibliography

While writing the bibliography, you have to use the format prescribed by your instructor. It must contain the scope and purpose of the work cited. The content and format of the work should be briefly discussed. The theoretical basis of the work done by the author and its relevance to the current scenarios and the authority of the author to write about the given subject also needs to be discussed besides the addition of value to the relevant field provided by the work. The impression of work upon you. Following is an example of a bibliography related to a journal article. A paper writing service can help you in developing excellent bibliographies. You have to select such a service after a careful process.


The authors have been researching at the Brown University and Rand corporation. They have used the data by surveying young men and women. The researchers studied whether living without a family has affected their attitudes and other characteristics. Their roles have gone away from the traditional roles associated with different sexes.

 Spending more time away from the family increased individualism within the participants. An earlier study did not find any relationship between gender differences and sex roles as a consequence of nonfamily living.


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