Back To School Hackathon

The contest has ended

Awaken from your winter slumber and out-hack your friends

HackerRank is kicking off the quarter/semester with a Back to School Hackathon for current US undergraduate and graduate students. Hackers will be given 24 hours to complete 6 moderate challenges remotely. The top ten competitors win a trip to tour Silicon Valley to meet hackers from the top tech companies.

Win a ticket to Google I/O 2013 by signing up and shipping code! US College students only.

Participants that get on the leaderboard will earn $100 in AWS credits by Amazon. Redemption codes will be distributed after the completion of the hackathon via email with the results.

The Prizes

The top 10 hackers win an all expenses paid-trip to Silicon Valley!

The first prize winner will be awarded $2000 cash, plus will get to attend office hours with the HackerRank founders, and a meeting with a YC partner, and a 30-minute one-on-one with Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box.

Each subsequent winner will receive half of the remaining $2000 prize pool. The second prize winner receives $1,000, the third prize winner $500, and so on.
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And More...
Participants whose code submissions are posted on the leaderboard will earn $100 in AWS credits, courtesy of Amazon Web Services. Redemption codes will be distributed with the results via email after the completion of the hackathon.


  • The contest will consist of five six challenges
  • The challenges will be a mix of algorithm puzzles, single & multiplayer games, approximate algorithm challenges and a codegolf challenge
  • All the challenges except the multiplayer game will have a predetermined score. Score of a game is calculated using Bayesian Approximation
  • We have a custom match making algorithm that picks the opponents for the multiplayer game. You can see this at MatchMaking
  • This contest will appeal to programmers who're interested in interesting algorithmic challenges, AI challenges and of course general programming
  • Hence the final result will be declared post running all the games
  • HackerRank admins decision will be final
  • Please refrain from discussing strategy during the contest.
  • Any case of code plagiarism will result in disqualification of both the users from the contest. We've a fairly good plagiarism detector that works at the opcode level.
  • You can code directly on our interface. We support 12 major languages. You can have a look at the environment in which we run your code


South Bay, Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Counsyl - Imran Haque, Director of Research and Kyle Lapham, Director of Lab Automation

RocketFuel - Company culture, architechture, current problems and Q&A

Facebook - Paul Tarjan, Hacker culture

Palantir - Lunch

Box - David Maynard, Manager Mobile Applications, Samantha Paras, Web Application Software Engineer, Ian Atha, Engineering Services Software Engineer and Ryan Luecke, Backend Sr. Software Engineer



San Francisco/Oakland, Friday, March 1st, 2013


OpenTable - Joseph Essas, CTO, Cormac Twomey, VP Engineering, and Dave Arthurs, Director, Engineering

PocketGems - Lunch

Twitter - Pending


Pinterest - Dave Dash, Tools & Automation Engineer, What does a Tools and Automation Engineer at Pinterest Do?

Weebly - Darian Shimy - VP of Engineering

Pulse - Happy Hour, meet and greet


Participating Schools


HackerRank will always be free for programmers to participate. The companies sponsoring the event are built by some of the best hackers in the valley. The way we make money is by connecting you with the companies iff you're interested in working for any of them. We’ll send you an email declaring the results which will have a form to indicate if you’d be interested to talk to any company and we'll notify them. The goal of HackerRank is to build an engaged community of problem solvers. We will never spam or sell your data to companies. It's purely opt-in.

Happy hacking! Enjoy solving challenges.