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Betting Strategies

Live betting

The good thing about in-play betting is that the player does not have to think about lineups, team uniforms, field conditions, tactics, fan support and many other things. He sees it all, so all he has to do is to read the game, analyze what is happening and choose a profitable bet.

There are plenty of strategies for live betting. Well showed themselves in practice bets on the victory of the losing favorite, the removal in the match, goals after 80 minutes, the exact score and others.


Bets on Exact Score

The strategy implies a low percentage of passing bets, but at very high odds. In order to predict the exact score, it is necessary to study the statistics in detail and find the most popular score in games involving the meeting teams. In this case, a huge weight in making a decision have face-to-face matches.


Betting on yellow cards

The specificity of such bets is that the player needs to consider not only the teams' statistics, but also the match referee's indicators, on which the number of mustards directly depends. A good strategy for betting on yellow cards can be called "total more in the derby".


Betting on Both Teams to Score

The "both teams to score" position is one of the most favorite bets on soccer among bettors. Its attractiveness is due to two reasons: relatively high odds and the passage of more than half of the matches. For this strategy I advise to choose the productive championships, quotes in the range of 1.70-2.50 and use the flat.


Bet 12

In the "double chance" market there are three outcomes, as you know. And if 1X and X2 often appear in bettors' coupons, the position 12 is usually ignored. It's really uninteresting and random, but it can also be used effectively. It is reasonable to bet on 12 after the 70th minute in a draw in matches where one of the opponents has to win. There is a high probability that either the favorite will win or the underdog will catch on the counterattack.


Odds at Even

For odd/even betting, Kotov's strategy is ideal. The player needs to assemble an express of 6 matches, selecting odds everywhere. The main rule: each following match should not start before the end of the previous one. And bet, for example, $10.

Then on the first match of the express need to make an even bet of 40 on the even game of the second match. And so on, you understand the logic.


Professional's choice

What soccer betting strategies do professional bettors use? Few people share their secrets, but some systems of plus players are known, about them below.


Express bets on soccer

Professionals bet expresses, but not steam bets. Parlays are long expresses of a large number of events. As a rule, experienced players prefer doubles and less often trebles - expresses of two and three outcomes, respectively.


Betting on soccer with a system

Beginners are intimidated by the complexity of calculating this type of betting, such as a system. In fact, it is a very effective tool that allows you to use a lot of different strategies. One of them is a 3 out of 5 system for outcomes with odds of 3.00 and above.



It is unlikely to meet a bettor who has never used the Martingale system in bookmakers like The algorithm of this strategy of financial management is to double the bet size after each loss until there is no gain. Example of Martingale in soccer betting:

  • The first bet is $10. Loss.
  • The second bet is $20. A loss.
  • The third is $40. Loser.
  • Fourth, $80. Loser.
  • Fifth, $160. Winning.
  • Sixth, $10. Winning

Thus, after winning it is necessary to return to the first step. Use Martingale expedient only for odds from 1.90.


Bets on the favorite

It is considered that bets on favorites are unprofitable at a distance. This is true, but if you choose matches skillfully you can stably earn by using this strategy. The most important thing is to cut off games with clear favorites winning at low odds.


Bets on the home underdog

Outsiders are different, and for this strategy we need to look for toothy teams with good home stats. You should not bet on an underdog win, but on f1(0), 1X, f1(+1) and home goal.


Betting on halftime results

If you started watching soccer not yesterday, you know very well that a lot more goals are scored in the second half than in the first one. Bookmakers accept bets on half-time results: The 1st is more productive than the 2nd, the 2nd is more productive than the 1st and the 1st is equal to the 2nd. You should always choose "the 2nd half is better than the 1st half" but you should keep in mind the analysis.


Money Way

You do not have to be a soccer expert to use the Money Way strategy, all you need is to find plus-side predictors and follow the money way. In other words, duplicate the bets of successful cappers.


A willful victory for the favorite

Despite the fact that in the pre-match schedule there is such an outcome as a strong-willed victory, it is more profitable to make such a bet in play. We choose matches and wait for the favorite to miss first. After that, we bet on his victory, it is even possible with a handicap of minus one. But, pay attention, you should bet only if the favorite lets in the first half and is really able to get back, take the form of the team into consideration.



Predictability is not so much a strategy as a method of predicting soccer matches, which allows you to determine the approximate score.

The expected number of home goals is calculated using the formula "(A + B)/2", where A is the average performance of the first team in home games and B is the arithmetic average of the goals conceded by the second team in away games.

To calculate the number of away goals, we apply the formula "(C + D)/2", where C is the average number of goals scored per game by the second team in away games, and D is the average number of goals conceded by the first team in home games.


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