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Gambling has a long history, inextricably linked with human civilization. Casinos are taken for granted by modern society. Few people think about what secrets and secrets of the past are hidden in the simplest elements of gambling paraphernalia. Today we are going to tell you 50 amazing facts about casinos that you probably did not know about. Thanks for help to do that article.

Facts about casinos

Cards were depicted on the reels of the first slots, but due to the struggle of the authorities against gambling, they were replaced with fruit symbols.

2. The first slot machines looked like an iron box with a handle and worked on the principle of impulse transmission from the lever to the drums using a system of shafts and gears.

3. They try to cover the floors of gambling establishments with a bright attractive pattern that raises the mood and tone of visitors.

4. Reputable establishments scent the air in the room with an unobtrusive perfume so that the game in this casino is associated with pleasant smells among the players, which increases the craving for gambling.

5. The halls of casinos most often have a labyrinth structure. This is done so that the client, who has decided to leave, is faced with other gambling activities and succumb to temptation.

6. The administration of gambling clubs constantly gives valuable gifts to regular visitors who manage to win a large sum. Thus, they maintain interest in the game and increase the reputation of the institution.

7. Chips have a variety of colors and denominations, but they all have a thin white edge. This is done for the convenience of the croupier, who makes it easier to spot the chip on the playing table.

8. In gambling establishments the windows are covered with plastic or heavy curtains, and there are no clocks in the halls. This deprives the player of information about how much time he has spent in the casino and gives him the opportunity to focus on the game.

9. The Guinness Book of Records recorded a case when a player named Larry Holmstead sat at the gaming table for 90 hours in a row.

10. Pocker Stars is the record holder for the biggest poker tournament ever. They held an action and registered 225,000 people to participate in the event, accepting from them only $ 1 for participation.


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