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Christina Hendrix is ​​known not only for her talented acting, but also for her curvaceous forms. Her 5th bust haunts millions of men. This wealth is accompanied by a slim waist and luxurious hips. It's hard to resist the charm of beauty. What we saw in the TV series "Mad Men", where Christina played one of the key roles. We know what else the Christina Hendrix, the bomb of the 21st century, has distinguished.

Natural beauty Unlike most Hollywood beauties, Christina has everything real. She got a bust by nature, like a round butt. The girl has repeatedly admitted that she is crazy about her figure and considers it a reference. According to source , in her youth, the beauty was not shy about showing her body, but today she avoids explicit scenes.

Christina Hendricks was born in 1975 in Tennessee. Quentin Tarantino himself comes from there. So it's no surprise that Christina chose acting as her profession.

From her youth, Hendrix did not consider herself attractive. But she managed to win a photo competition where the girl's beauty became apparent. So for Christina the path to modeling was opened, which she used. At the time, hot Christina Hendrix sometimes appeared in commercials. The girl was the face of clothing brands and even jewelry. But she decided to leave her modeling career for the sake of cinema. Just like the model of Maxim Olivia Munn did.

The path of the actress began with youth serials, and gradually she grew to full meter. The most popular films with her participation are "Hunger" and "Replacement Teacher". Later, she played in the movie "Drive", which was nominated for an "Oscar".

Participation in the film "Neon Demon" brought new fans to Christina. But, of course, everyone knows her for her role in the TV series Mad Men. There Christina Hendrix played Joan Holloway, the symbol of an advertising agency.

Christina's plums In 2012, hackers broke into Hendrix cloud storage and extracted some very interesting images from it. On them, Christina poses or almost without anything. And her voluminous breasts can be seen in detail. In some pictures, however, her face is not visible. But from her hair, figure and everything else, it is obvious that it is she - Christina Hendrix.

But in the media, the actress preferred to say that she is not at all in the photo. Probably, the girl felt ashamed that her breasts were examined from all angles by everyone and sundry. Although even earlier, her body could be seen in the TV series "Firefly". But today the girl prefers not to think about it.

By the way, in an interview, Christina Hendrix says that she loves to walk in front of her husband. But she doesn't really like acting in erotic photo shoots.

Although she is vyingly called men's magazines. The actress also complains that she is regularly offered to star in films with erotic overtones.

But Christina believes that her talent is much more than flashing her breasts in front of the camera. We, of course, do not doubt this. But Hendrix's chest speaks for itself. Only the Demi Rose, a modern icon, can boast of such curvaceous forms.

Christina Hendrix today Today the actress is engaged in a series on the theme of Russian history "The Romanovs". Who the red-haired bomb will play there is still unknown. She also leads Instagram, which has more than 700 thousand subscribers.

Christina Hendrix is ​​already 45 years old, but outwardly the beauty looks the same as before. She retains the image of a plump and looks very harmonious in it.

Recently it became known that Hendrix has divorced her husband, the famous comedian Jeffrey Arend. The relationship lasted 11 years, but did not survive the self-isolation regime. However, the divorce was good for the actress. She looks great and posts a lot of hot on Instagram. And on the network you can find even more pictures in which Christina Hendrix is posing.

If you like crumpets, then Christina's forms will definitely arouse interest.


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