Hacker Games

Join the inter-collegiate programming challenge to show off your skills and earn prizes

Starting September 8

The Scenario

Attention Hackers, we need your help.

Your advanced coding skills are needed to catch an elusive criminal mastermind. Crack the codes that will lead us to his location and collect a hefty reward of up to $5,000.

Top hackers from universities around the world have been tapped to help us catch Dr. Marcus Ja’koof, a world-renowned thief, notorious for leaving difficult puzzles in his wake for those on his trail. We have nearly narrowed down his location, but these last few clues are too hard for us to solve. We hope you can help us crack each puzzle to get us closer to finding him. The first hacker to solve all his clues and bring him to justice will win $5,000, but we want to award everyone on our team. Each subsequent hacker that solves his tests will win half of the remaining pot until it's all gone.

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The Prizes

win up to $5,000

Plus office hours with Jawed Karim, Mark Jung, or a Y Combinator advisor

Jawed Karim

Jawed Karim

Founder, Youtube
Mark Jung

Mark Jung

Founder, IGN
Y Combinator Logo

Y Combinator

Seed funding for Startups

The starting prize pot is $10,000. The first player to solve all 7 challenges will win $5,000. The next winner will receive half of the remaining pot ($2,500), the next half of that ($1,250) and so on.

The game continues until all of the prize money is gone

Participating Schools

The Hacker Games competition is open to anyone, but only current university graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for the prizes. Contact your campus ambassador, located below your school logo, for more information

Competition Details

Hacker Games starts September 8

The HACKERGAMES competition will consist of 7 levels. Each level will lead you closer and closer to tracking down and capturing the wanted criminal Dr. Marcus Ja’koof. Each level will require some proficiency/expertise in a certain area of computer science.

Prizes:The $10,000 pot will be divided in half ­and awarded to each user who successfully cracks the final level of the problem.

Challenges:The problems will cover topics in image processing, algorithms, math, AI design, brainfuck, and data structures.

Ambassadors:This is going to be a big competition and we need help spreading the word at your college! Get some free HR swag, and get early access to new challenges by becoming a campus ambassador. If you are interested, please contact us.