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What methods are common today for "collecting" votes on the Internet?

Ask your friends and family to vote for you

Experienced participants in Internet contests usually do not sit and wait: will someone go to the “contest” site? Would he want to vote for you? Their motto may well be: "If you want to win - do it yourself!" The “classic” (but usually not giving many honest votes) way is to ask friends and family with Internet access to vote.

A more effective option is to do the same, but through social networks and blogs, and even asking friends to repost. That is, spread your information on your pages, thus bringing it to your friends. If there are a lot of "friends", then this method allows you to gain a significant number of votes quickly and at no cost. But it will hardly be possible to bypass the "professional cheaters" with its help.

Exchange Votes

Another common free method is to exchange votes. There are communities on the Internet that are easy to find by requesting a search engine "mutual vote". There are gathering people who want to win in a variety of Internet contests. They leave ads asking you to vote for you if you vote for them in another contest.

Buy missing votes

Also the Internet is full of ads offering votes in Internet contests for money. Usually this means the ability to ask your friends on social networks to vote. You can buy poll votes on special sites that offer earnings on the Internet (they can also be found without difficulty). Those who have time, Internet access and a desire to earn extra money gather there without doing anything special. They carry out various "tasks" of customers who pay for them. For example, they follow links with Internet advertising (naturally, getting their "pretty penny" for each visit). They also often perform tasks to vote for certain contestants. The standard fee is one and a half cent per vote. If the task becomes more complicated (you also need to register on the site, and go through confirmation via e-mail, and leave a comment), then the payment for it increases.

"Cheat" voices using programs

"Cheating" votes with the help of special computer programs is a forbidden method, "calculated" by the organizers of the contests if desired and technically possible. When caught in it, the results of the “sinning” participant are usually “zeroed”. Nevertheless, judging by the numerous advertisements on the Internet (both customers and performers), it is very common.

Many of those who do not know how to use such programs, but strive to win at any cost, “bite” on ads, like: “Rich experience of cheating and using different programs helps me in each case to“ wind up ”votes so that the organizers of the contests do not notice ... Cheating is possible in contests of any complexity: by IP or social. networks, from registrations, through phone confirmation, etc. etc .. Depending on the complexity of the vote, I make up to several thousand votes per day. Rates are standard: from 1 ruble per vote. All clients who have ordered a "cheat" from me - 10 "likes" on pages in social networks for free, as bonuses. " Fans of Internet contests decide for themselves whether or not to believe in such promises and whether to use techniques prohibited by any competition rules.

Order combined voting to win

The same people who sell “cheat” and trade real votes of “friends” on social networks usually take orders for voting “to win”. By any means. If you want, real people will vote for your money. If you want, the votes will be cheated using programs. If you want - use the combined option.

In the event of such an order, the executors promise to customers day and night to monitor his rating in the vote until the end of the competition and "add" votes when necessary, so as not to let competitors get ahead. If a real vote is "ordered", and the performer does not have enough of his "friends", he promises to "beg" votes on mutual help sites and various forums instead of the customer.

But the "cheaters" who consider themselves professionals in this business, do not take on all orders. For example, they usually do not dare to compete with cheaters from organizers. For example, in one Internet communication, the mother of a girl participating in an Internet beauty contest was looking for those who would help her daughter get the most votes and win. And one of those who call themselves "professionals" in such matters, went to the site and assessed the situation as hopeless and advised not to participate in such competitions in the future. He explained: “In my opinion, this is a completely dishonest competition, where the organizers, and not just the participants, wind up votes. Competition "for a certain contestant". A simple example: website traffic counters show that so many people have visited it. And for the favorite of the competition many times more votes were given than there were people here in general. Whatever you do, the outcome is obvious. I advise you to stay away from such contests! And in general: first, assess the honesty of the competition, your capabilities, and do you really need a victory in them? And only then get involved in Internet voting! "

Talking about the technology of Internet voting, I deliberately do not give them moral assessments. There would be no mass demand - there would not be all the proposals described. A thriving "Internet voice business" is just a reflection of ordinary life, for some it is "dishonest", but for others it is full of different possibilities. Providing everyone with a choice: what to participate in and in what ways to achieve their goals. On the Internet, we just see its consequences.


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