Live soccer betting strategies

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Live soccer betting strategies

Live betting, or betting in real time on, has long enjoyed great popularity. They have their minuses and pluses. Even regular sports betting is not always predictable. Live bets are even less predictable and nobody is safe from a loss.


Before making live soccer bets let us remember a few soccer betting rules that are also valid for live betting:

Before betting, be sure to study the available information and statistics of upcoming and past matches. It is advisable to use several sources of information. You shouldn't jump to conclusions. Soccer is an active game and the situation can change even in the last minute.

It is necessary to pay attention not only to the odds and history of statistics, but also to what is actually happening on the field. The main goal of soccer betting is to make a financial profit. You should not throw away your bankroll on risky bets. The optimal betting amount in play does not exceed five percent of the total bank.


Total in play on soccer

One interesting strategy is betting on the total, namely on the "total less" in play. It is based on mathematical expectation. Let's analyze the strategy in more detail.

Let's start watching the Spartak-Dinamo match in real time. The score starts 0:0, bookmakers offer to bet on the fact that there will be no goals in the match (ТМ 0.5). The odds are from 5.00 to 10.00 and higher. We make the minimum bet on this outcome - let's say, 100 rubles.

We watch the match. After a while Spartak scores a goal and the score is 1:0. The first bet loses. Looking at the following offers from bookmakers. Odds 3.00 - 5.00 that the match will be less than 1.5 goals. Bet 200 rubles.

At the end of the half the Dynamo team equalizes the score and our second bet loses. Bookmakers are getting cautious and its bet on TM 2.5 is calculated at odds 2.50. We bet 450 rubles. If won, it will bring 375 rubles of net profit (when calculating net profit from the betting, all losing bets will be deducted).

Sometimes the bet loses - in this case the loss will be 6750 rubles. However, from a mathematical point of view, winning by strategy happens much more often, and overlaps the possible losses. It is important to correctly assess the match, the capabilities and abilities of the teams. If the match is crucial for one or both teams and they are trying to score as much as possible without worrying about goal defense, betting on a lower total is stupid.


Corner Corner Bets in Live

Corner kicks in play are not so much based on lineups, style of play, previous match statistics, etc., but rather on what is happening on the field. Ideally, if you can watch what is happening during the match - for example, via video broadcasting. If not, you can limit yourself to text broadcasting or a summary of basic statistics - number of shots, chances, etc.

If the favorite player in the course of the match loses to an underdog and besieges its goal to get back, it is already an occasion to bet on the TB corners. An example is the match between Inter and Verona. Inter has been losing for a long time, and in each half, they were serving five corners. If one of the teams is critical to score and the opponent concentrates on defense, the pressure on the goal and the penalty area increases, the ball often goes over the line.

If the teams play actively and openly, this is one of the reasons to bet on a corner kick. If teams are lazy, overly cautious, guarding the penalty area, rarely attack - it is worth to bet on a TM. All these points can be traced both on video broadcasting and statistical reports: few shots, few chances - it is worth betting on the smaller total with a small safety net.

Some teams play to hold on. For example, Juventus. The game is transferred to the center of the field, the favorite does not let the opponent to his side and practically does not attack. There are very few corners in such a match.

One of the most interesting strategies for betting on corners in play is as follows: if the number of corners in the first half is small, we bet on the total amount of corners in the second half. If the number of corners in the first half was a lot, bet on the total less.

It is important to consider all other factors. For example, if one of the teams loses with a minimum lead and tries to recoup, at least one corner is ensured. And even in extra time.


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