The best and win-win soccer betting strategies online

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The best and win-win soccer betting strategies online

When a player has understood all the intricacies of betting shops, learned how to analyze matches and manage the game bankroll, it is time to think about a working strategy, without which the portrait of a professional bettor is impossible. 


Basic principles of soccer betting

Betting is a specific and complex activity associated with financial risks. If soccer betting is just a pastime for you, you shouldn't bother looking for strategies or drawing new knowledge, or to be more precise, you don't have to do it. But if you consider the game in bookmakers like as a way to main or additional earnings, you should learn the basics - the main principles of soccer betting:


  • You should bet in reliable online bookmakers with low margins.
  • Should be guided by a specific strategy when choosing matches and betting.
  • It is necessary to use a clear system of game bankroll management.
  • Never and under no circumstances should bet more than 10% of the bank.
  • Before making each bet requires in-depth analysis.
  • It is forbidden to gamble on the last money or lend for betting.
  • With a long series of losses it is important to take a rest for a few days.
  • Bets should be placed on outcomes with inflated odds.


These are the basic rules of profitable betting, which do not need proof and confirmation. Under any circumstances, a player should not deviate from these commonplace truths in soccer betting.


Match Selection

Match selection begins at the tournament level. It is worth figuring out which championships and cups are more suitable for betting. The main criterion is knowledge of the tournament. It is recommended to bet on popular tournaments: Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, European Championships, America's Cup, top 5 European championships. The advantage of such tournaments is the low margin and the variety of markets in bookmakers' offices, the availability of information and statistics, almost zero probability of a rigged match.

After deciding on soccer tournaments, matches of which you will consider for betting, you need to move on to the selection of duels. Here, it is difficult to give universal recommendations, because much depends on the level of the player, the strategy used, skills and style of play.

Based on the experience of my own and other professional players, I can say absolutely that the best matches for betting on soccer are those with a minimum of unknown factors. When both teams are motivated, have no personnel, physical and psychological problems, it is much easier to perform pre-match analysis and make a prediction.


Team Analysis

Analysis is hard work, even though it seems easy and simple. It is necessary to do a lot of operations to get the most accurate match prediction on the output. First, to study the statistics, then to find additional information, then to identify the main factors which influence the result, then to give a correct assessment of these factors and finally to draw conclusions, that is, the final prediction.


The five main rules of soccer analytics:

  • Evaluate teams objectively, abstracting from sympathies;
  • Take your time. The one who is in a hurry is a bookmakers best friend;
  • The more factors are taken into account, the better the chances of success in the end;
  • Try to find the little things, often all is decided by the details;
  • Do not follow the opinion of the majority.

Cool analysts are not born, they become. Analyze, watch a lot of matches and follow the successful predictors to understand why they achieve high results.


Popular Strategies and Tactics

Let me say right away that no strategy guarantees profit, it's just a tool to achieve the goal, the success of which depends on the skills and abilities of the player. The only win-win strategy for betting on soccer is the proverbial forks, but this is on paper, but in practice there are many nuances.


Betting on the draw

Traditionally, a draw in soccer is an outcome with inflated odds. Players bet on the victory of one of the teams, ignoring the option with a draw result. This is primarily due to the emotions of the fans, who do not understand how they can cheer for a draw in a match.

There are a lot of varieties of soccer draw betting strategies. You can collect systems 2 of 5, bet on X in the first half and use other approaches. But the best proven strategy for betting on the draw with a long run.

Choose to play the non-rewarding championships with a high percentage of world outcomes. It is more profitable to make bets shortly before the start of the match to catch higher odds.

Another working system - betting on a draw in matches involving a particular team, which also uses the overtake. Some teams in a season very often play a draw, and with a certain regularity.


Betting on goals

Bookmakers offer a large number of markets for betting on goals: both to score / at least one will not score, the exact number of goals, different totals, goals in separate halves and many others. Strategies for such types of bets on soccer matches developed a lot.

Special attention deserves such a tool as goals outsider. It is necessary to select duels, where the underdog has a high chance to score, and bet on a goal or individual total of this team more than one. At a distance such an approach can bring serious profits, subject to clever analysis, of course.

Also, we should highlight the strategy of betting on the author of the goal. Here the knowledge not so much about the teams, but about the scorers will be useful. When choosing a bet, study in detail the personal meetings, because each top forward has "regular customers".


Betting on totals

Since betting on totals is very popular among bettors, there are many different strategies for betting on totals in soccer, especially on the total more or less.

According to one of them, it is necessary to find matches between top teams, and bet on the total less. The fact is that a lot of goals are always expected from duels with flashy signboards, but in reality such games very often turn out to be boring and low-key.

I can recommend other effective strategies to Online Bookmakers users: "TB(1.0) after 0:0 in the first half", "total more in the Champions League", "total less in South America", as well as corridors.


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