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Women's Cup is an online coding competition that starts on October 10th at 9AM PST and remains open for 24 hours. It is open to women worldwide. Form a team (2 or 3 players) or code alone, and reserve your spot to #codelikeagirl.

This CodeSprint is just one step in a larger, more exhilarating path. Whether it's your first step or your four hundredth, you'll go farthest with practice, teamwork, and passion. Vicki, HackerRank Ambassador @ Stanford
I enjoy HackerRank because they make everything easy. Whether I’m brushing up on my skills for an interview or organizing a coding competition for my University, HackerRank has everything I need, when I need it. @CarpeDiEmma, HackerRank Ambassador @ Pennsylvania State University
The thing I love about coding is that it combines logic and creativity. Coding is a skill which can be employed in making useful stuff. That skill is empowering, fulfilling and sale-able :) I invite all girls to compete at HackerRank's Womens Cup and #codelikeagirl Megha Jhunjhunwala, General Secretary (2014-15), Comp Sc. Department at IIT Kharagpur
I love programming! Women didn’t just recently start coding, they've been pioneers. I admire Grace Hopper, who invented the first compiler for a computer programming language and figured out how to get computers to speak in English, instead of undecipherable numbers. Let's #codelikeagirl! Heena Mahour, Associate Software Developer ( Indus Valley Partners ), GSoCer 2013 and co-Founder (Women Who Code 2015)
The impact you can have as a programmer is huge, as what you create can not just change your life, but lives of millions of others. Coding is probably the fastest way to change the world. Join me at WomensCup and #codelikeagirl! Rashika Kheria, Summer'14 HackerRank Intern and TA at IIIT Hyderabad.
I enjoy programming, and encourage more females to practice coding and compete on platforms like HackerRank. My role model is Ada Lovelace, the first person to think of programmability and to write the first computer program ever! Leena Mangla, HackerRank Ambassador @ Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
Being the HackerRank Ambassador for UCSD has not only helped me drive more coding competitions to campus but also influence and simplify how we manage our larger campus hackathons. Harmannat Grawal, HackerRank Ambassador @ UC San Diego
Feeling of being a good woman programmer is awesome, specially because of generic negative stereotyping. It is true that there aren't that many female coder role models (compared to male counterparts), but that gives us an opportunity to be a role model for others, right? :) Shagufta Methwani, HackerRank Ambassador @ Cummins College of Engineering for Women
“I believe programming offers a lot of opportunities to learn, create and innovate. It is engaging, cool, fun and most importantly, too interesting to leave it to just men :) We must have more women in tech. So, can you u202a#u200eCodeLikeAGirlu202c?” Anjan Kaur, HackerRank Ambassador @ DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology
The advice I would give to women who code is to try things even if you don’t think you are the best at it. Have unabashed confidence about trying something new and putting yourself out there, even if you may fail. Like the saying goes, it is better to try and fail than to never try at all. There is still a lot to learn from failure! @CarpeDiEmma, HackerRank Ambassador @ Pennsylvania State University

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