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Power Of Article Marketing Still Helping To Promote Blog Online?

Many webmasters like me are using iphone app review service or article directories to promote their blog and get higher search engine rankings. Although article marketing is most popular and most used Internet marketing strategy the one question always stands in our mind is about the effect of article distribution with changing and updating search engine algorithms. I am not going to discuss about what article directory submission is and how to use it to promote your blog. As a webmaster or blogger you must be aware of it. Hence I am sharing some frequently asked questions about article marketing that will help you understand the changing scenario of both the power of it and its effect on updated search engine algorithm. Google Search engine algorithm’s latest update called Google panda to avoid Duplicate Content. In latest update of Google search engine ranking of many website and blogs fluctuated a lot. Some are thrown out of Google and some got dramatic increase in organic traffic. This update was mainly to ensure the quality of content being served by Google search results pages, to eliminate poor quality and duplicate content and improving the ranking of original and useful content.

So in article marketing you should be careful so that your main blog is listed as original and your articles posted on directories get listed as duplicate. When you write original and informative article, publish it on your own blog and wait for Google to index it. Then submit it to article directories only after few days of Google crawled original article on your blog. Quality of article directory really affects your overall Internet marketing efforts. Many webmasters and bloggers are thinking the article marketing means just publishing articles to directories, its not actually that. To get power of article marketing you must consider quality of article directory, ranking and PR and traffic of that directory and then the quality of your article it self in terms of usability, information and title relevance. You article also must me keyword optimized to help Google easily index your content and put it at the right position on SERP. Keeping above factors in mind I recommend not using automated script or software for automated article submission or article submission service which is not much reliable. If you can not do it your self, its better to higher a freelancer or SEO firm who is highly skilled in search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

Is article marketing really important to promote your blog? No, but most recommended. The reason why article marketing is so popular and has not lost its power is no direct or indirect negative effect on your overall SEO. It’s free if you do it your self and any how it will be beneficial may be small but it will definitely benefit your blog promotion.


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