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Frequently asked questions

What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is an exclusive online community that Enterprise customers can post challenges to. This isn't a job board…HackerRank provides you with a unique opportunity to market your company to potential candidates. Only serious challenges are accepted and submissions are reviewed before they are approved.

What is CodePair?

CodePair a tool for real-time technical interviews. Leveraging the company's platform, HackerRank for Work customers can evaluate a candidate's technical abilities throughout the entire recruiting process.

What payment methods does HackerRank accept?

HackerRank accepts all major credit cards. For Enterprise customers, invoicing is available as a payment method.

What does a landing page/white label do for our company?

A company's brand should be reflected in everything it does. With HackerRank, customers can embed coding challenges directly on their careers page that capture a candidates attention. Give your passive candidates something interesting to do while they are on your careers page and capture their contact information at the same time.

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