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How to Use Artificial Intelligence For Essay Writing

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But despite the promise of AI-generated writing, some experts are concerned about how the technology may influence student writing. That's why they say it's important to be aware of the potential risks and develop ethical guidelines for teaching with AI-driven tools.

  1. Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is an important part of an essay writing ai website, and it helps control the ideas in your essay. A strong thesis statement is decisive, specific, and assertive.

Thesis statements often reflect an opinion or judgment that a writer has about a reading or personal experience. They also help the writer focus their paper and ensure that their arguments are consistent with their topic.

A good thesis statement should state a clear position on an issue and explain how that position will be supported in the rest of your essay. A weak thesis statement may indicate that the writer isn’t sure what they’re writing about, which can make for an unfocused and uninspiring essay.

To help students develop a strong thesis, encourage them to brainstorm and list their ideas on paper. This brainstorming can help them identify a topic that is meaningful to them and that they’re passionate about.

  1. Body Paragraphs

Most essays, reports, or other writing follow a common structure: an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. But the vast majority of your writing will be in the middle, where you focus on proving a point, showing evidence, describing something, or reporting findings.

That means you need to know how to write a body paragraph well so that your arguments, facts, and quotations support the main ideas of your essay or paper. Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, supporting sentences with evidence, and a concluding sentence.

Ideally, your paragraphs will all connect to each other and build on each other logically, using a smooth transitional sentence to bring your reader from one idea to the next. That way, you'll get the most out of each piece and leave your readers feeling that they've read something well-thought-out.

You should always end your body paragraphs with a powerful statement that fully supports the thesis of the entire essay or paper. A concluding sentence will also serve as a momentary pause for your reader to take a mental break and remember what you've just said, which can help you make a lasting impression.

  1. Outline

Creating an essay outline is an important step in writing your paper. It helps you organize your thoughts and ensures that you have a clear understanding of the topic.

One of the best ways to come up with an outline is by using an AI writing tool. This is because these tools can generate a well-structured outline in no time.

The AI writing tool can also help you find reputable sources for your research. This will save you time and energy.

The AI writer can be used to generate unique and plagiarism-free essays in minutes. This tool is a great option for students who need a fast and reliable way to write their papers.

  1. Conclusion

A conclusion is your opportunity to summarise what you have written, make new connections and demonstrate the importance of your findings. It should also inspire your reader to reconsider the issues you have raised and to take action based on what they have read.

Conclusions should also be short and to the point – they don’t have to include your own ideas, but should provide some kind of closure and leave your reader thinking. They can help to show how your topic relates to their own life or to a wider issue, and can highlight future research possibilities that could be of interest to them.

In addition, conclusions should also show how your essay has answered the question it was given or what its main points are. A good conclusion should be about a quarter of the total word count of your essay.

Conclusions are not always easy to write – but they can be one of the most important aspects of an essay. Writing a good conclusion can help you earn the highest grade possible on your essay and impress your instructor.


Artificial intelligence has long been used to check spelling and grammar, predict text, translate or transcribe. Now, it can also create humanlike essay prose instantly - with a few prompts.


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