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This contest is brought on the courtesy of techFest'19 which is the technical fest of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology.


Prizes worth INR 8000/- for the winners of final round.


  • The creator of this contest is solely responsible for setting and communicating the eligibility requirements associated with prizes awarded to participants, as well as for procurement and distribution of all prizes. The contest creator holds HackerRank harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, costs, awards, settlements, orders, or fines.
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  1. Every team will constitute of exactly 3 members.
  2. Contest will be of 2.5hrs duration.
  3. Teams will be allowed to discuss their strategy for exactly 30min in the beginning of competition. No contestant will be allowed to code during that time.
  4. In the 2nd 30 min the first member of the team will be allowed to code after which he will be given 5 minutes to explain his code to the 2nd member only.
  5. After 65min 2nd member of the team will code for next 30 min and after which he can explain his code to the third member only for next 5 min.
  6. The 3rd member will code for next 30min.
  7. In the last 20min of competition all the three members can code simultaneously.
  8. Only one member of a team can code at a time.
  9. Team members are free to decide the order in which they want to code.


  • Each challenge has a pre-determined score.
  • A participant’s score depends on the number of test cases a participant’s code submission successfully passes.
  • If a participant submits more than one solution per challenge, then the participant’s score will reflect the highest score achieved. In a game challenge, the participant's score will reflect the last code submission.
  • Participants are ranked by score. If two or more participants achieve the same score, then the tie is broken by the total time taken to submit the last solution resulting in a higher score

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