International Coding Hub Labor Day 2020

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We're hosting an (educational) competition on Sunday 9/6 (labor day weekend) starting at this time, and ending 24 hours later. There will be 5 problems: all of them will be high quality, and great opportunities to learn from. The problems will be arranged in ascending order of difficulty, roughly (USACO Bronze-Gold) or (CodeForces 900-1700).


The only prize is bragging rights


  • The creator of this contest is solely responsible for setting and communicating the eligibility requirements associated with prizes awarded to participants, as well as for procurement and distribution of all prizes. The contest creator holds HackerRank harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, costs, awards, settlements, orders, or fines.
  • Code directly from our platform, which supports over 30 languages. Learn more here.

No cheating


There are 15 testcases per each problem. One point is awarded for each correct testcase. The maximum score is

Ties will be broken by the sum of the times for the first correct submission for each problem (starting from when each problem statement was first seen/opened).

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