Clock is ticking. More and more contestants are registering every minute. So go ahead, register for Codesprint India 2014, and start practicing on HackerRank. Happy hacking!


Top 500 teams can apply for some awesome Silicon Valley jobs, and will also win:

Rank 1
₹ 50,000 + office hours with Steven Skiena
Rank 2
₹ 30,000
Rank 3
₹ 15,000
Rank 4 to 6
₹ 10,000
Rank 7 to 10
₹ 5,000 worth Flipkart Vouchers

Top 10 teams will also receive certificates signed by Vinod Khosla, and top 30 teams will receive HackerRank T-shirts. All participants with at least one successful submission in any of the Qualification Round will receive $50 in AWS credits. Some more prizes will be announced in due course. Sounds amazing, right? :)


This is a team contest, and each team consists of 1 or 2 members. Before starting the contest, make sure to go through the details about our coding environment. To get accustomed with it, check out the practice contest here.


Qualification Round 1
Saturday, 13th September @ 4:00 pm
Qualification Round 2
Wednesday, 17th September @ 9:00 pm
Elimination Round 1
Saturday, 27th September @ 6:00 pm
Elimination Round 2
Sunday, 5th October @ 4:14 pm
Wednesday, 15th October

ER1 results here. A minimum of Top 100 teams from each India region (North, South, East, West) + All teams in overall Top 400 of ER1 were shortlisted.
ER2 results here. A minimum of Top 2 teams from each India region (North, South, East, West) + All teams in overall Top 5 of ER2 are shortlisted for onsite finals.

Process to claim AWS credits will be shared by 10-Oct-14.
Process to claim prizes and applying to companies will be shared by 16-Oct-14.

Contest Rules

Campus Ambassadors

Want to be a HackerRank Campus Ambassador and win prizes? Click here to know more.


HackerRank will always be free for programmers to participate. The companies sponsoring the event will be some of the best in their respective industry. The way we make money is by connecting you with the companies iff you're interested in working for any of them. We’ll send you an email declaring the results which will have a form to indicate if you’d be interested to talk to any company and we'll notify them. The goal of HackerRank is to build an engaged community of problem solvers. The job application process is purely opt-in.