How to determine the construction quality of house

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What a moment it is when you are buying a new house. The adventures, the new people, new neighborhood possibly. It all feels so great. But the main thing is the house you are actually buying. It is the place where you shall live and create all the memories. You do not want to purchase Properties For Sale in Islamabad sub-standard that would begin to give you troubles as soon as you move in. So how can you be sure that you got the right deal? Well, let’s check some ways you can implement just to be sure.


  • The house speaks for itself so the main thing to do is to perform an inspection. When performing a full check make sure you see the walls and the roof to know if there is any sign of dampness and seepage. It would indicate that there is an issue with the overall pipes and drainage system around the house. Such faults may make the structure of the weak and it should be considered. 
  • During the inspection also check the walls and roof to see any signs of cracks that might be appearing. The cracks might be small which could be due to the reason for timely wear and tear. But f there is anything major noticeable, then avoid the deal as quickly as possible. It could be harmful for you, living in a house with issues.
  • When surveying the house, do make sure to pay some attention to the thickness of the wall and the overall build of the house. It points to the care taken when building the house and would give you a sign regarding how much strength the overall structure has. If the walls are thin they won’t be able to protect you from the outside forces of nature. So, are you reading this to make sure your next house is your ideal one? Did you see the ad saying Properties For Rent in Islamabad? Well, now is your chance. Go and check out.
  • When you would be inspecting the other features of the house, just turn on the taps at different places in the house. Check the pressure of water that is produced. If the pressure is fine then awesome. But if you feel the water flow is slower than what it actually should be, it is time to suspect the piping system. Inform the house owner about the trouble you may sense and make sure to get it properly tested. Slow water pressure might need heavy correcting and it may lead to certain other issues with the structure like we discussed dampness and weak overall structure.
  • As house construction is a major task, most people keep the records related to the materials that have been utilized when building the house. So don’t hesitate in asking the house owner about such details to improve the credibility of the safety of the house. It is a big transaction and everything should be clear. If there is any sign of ambiguity, leave the deal and find a better one. The owner might be hiding something from you.
  • Finally pay some attention to the overall work that has been done on the house like the paint, the cementing, etc. It should be nice and uniform which would ensure that care has been taken. If the paint is good it would be protecting your house from the weather.


It takes little knowledge to know how to buy the right house. Next time you may be thinking to buy a house, inspect properly. 


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