How to turn PS4 into an awesome gaming device with Linux

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Here is the tutorial to know about how to install Linux on Play station 4 for the PlayStation junkies out there. When the PlayStation 3 was introduced, it did not have Linux pre-installed but Sony included an option in the XMB menu that allowed booting into Linux. However, this feature got knackered down with the launch of the PS4. But there exists a method to get Linux running on the PS4 too and in fact, you will be able to play PC games through steam if you have Linux ports.

Linux is the best-known and most used open-source operating system that gained a worldwide user base. Installing Linux can make a world of difference in your PS4s. So, if you are interested in learning about installing Linux onto your old Playstation4 console, here is a complete walkthrough about installing the same. This starts by installing Fedora Linux and steam on PS4, but here is an important point to note this will work only on the PS4 consoles that run firmware1.76. Check out the list of PS4 bundles that have the 1.76 firmware version on them and make sure that you purchase a brand-new still sealed console.

Linux is used everywhere as an embedded OS for a variety of applications including automotive entertainment systems, and network file system analysis. It has gained wide popularity and it’s been around with us since the mid-1990s. It’s used in phones, thermostats, cars, refrigerators, Roku devices, and TVs. In fact, it empowers the most of your internet. Linux is highly configurable and depends on a modular design that enables users to customize their own versions of Linux.

How to install Linux on PlayStation 4


Minimum 8GB USB drive Fedora Live ISO PS4 Radeon Drivers bZimage + initramsfs VirtualBox for Windows ArchiveZilla

At First, plug an empty USB disk into your PC and then run the Fedora Live ISO from within Virtual Box, you would be addressed to the welcome screen in front of you that will say “you are currently running FEDORA from Live media” Then chose the option “try Fedora” you will be directed to the Fedora desktop effortlessly. You now have to set up the Linux terminal and type the following **commands: **

The “f-disk –l command will display the path of your USB disk as for an instance, “/dev/sda, so now we will partition it. Make sure to change /dev/sda to the actual path of your USB drive, is that is not the path being used:

Don’t close the terminal and simply go back to the Fedora launcher welcome screen. Then chose “install hard drive” and further chose “Installation destination”. After that, finally, click on “I will configure partitioning” in the storage options and click done.

Now you will be asked a question about what partition to install, you have to choose/ dev/sda 2 and in the box for” Mount Point:” box, enter a single slash/. Now on the Reformat box, click “update settings”. Now you can begin the installation process and choose your root username/password.

You don’t have to exit the Fedora when the installation is done. We need to re-install the Radeon drivers for PS4. So, juts go back to the Linux terminals and type the following commands.

You need to check for the IP address of your virtual machine after typing “ifconfig”. After you have it, use FileZilla to push the “” to a folder called “ mnp/tmp” in the Fedora environment. Now go back to the terminal and type.

Look inside the /home//folder of Fedora and find a file called “ xinitric”. You can open it with a text editor and add these lines. Type in the Linux terminal.

When you think of unplugging the USB disk from your PC, copy the bzlmage and initramfs files rom above to the Fat 32 partition of the USB disk. Installing Linux on the PS4 plug the USB disk into your PS4 and turn on the console, now boot the USB with PS4 playground, the home screen will appear in front of you, so type:

Now when you will login, type the username and password you set earlier while doing Fedora installation, type:

After you are booted into the DM, open up the Linux terminal and press enter. Now we are all good to go, launch stream but here we need to make sure that it executes with the proper libs running on Linux. So type:


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