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Welcome to the Nepali Samaj's programming contest( Compete with the teams and win the prize money.All the contestens are encouraged to fight the contest. Nothing is free in life. For a person in technical faculty, knowing programming is a life saver boat. Know it and you will never feel lack of hope and opportunity in your future. Accommodation for 30th June's night will be managed by Nepali Samaj. We wish you all the best. A great man said, " If the egg breaks by the external force, life ends. But, if the egg breaks by the internal effort, life begins."


  1. Prize money of Rs. 21,000 is decided which will be fractionally divided among the top three teams.
    Let, T1, T2 T3 be top three teams scoring x,y,z scores respectively.And, total price money be total_price_money.
    if total_score = (x+y+z) then
    T1 will recieve an amount of (x/total_score)*total_price_money.
    T2 will recieve (y/total_score)*total_price_money.
    T3 will recieve (z/total_score)*total_price_money.



  • The creator of this contest is solely responsible for setting and communicating the eligibility requirements associated with prizes awarded to participants, as well as for procurement and distribution of all prizes. The contest creator holds HackerRank harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, costs, awards, settlements, orders, or fines.
  • Code directly from our platform, which supports over 30 languages. Learn more here.
  1. Competition is for students currently pursuring Bachelor in IT sector.
  2. Each team will consist of three teammates.
  3. Any kinds of cheating in the contest will not be tollerated.
  4. You can use Google, stack overflow, three books of your choice per team.
  5. All the participants are required to fight the challenge on the venue decided by the Nepali Samaj
  6. Each team is requested to bring one laptop. Three members will share a single laptop.
  7. 10% marks of total obtained, will be added extra for teams with atleast one female participant as their team member.


  • Each challenge has a pre-determined score.
  • A participant’s score depends on the number of test cases a participant’s code submission successfully passes.
  • If a participant submits more than one solution per challenge, then the participant’s score will reflect the highest score achieved. In a game challenge, the participant's score will reflect the last code submission.
  • Participants are ranked by score. If two or more participants achieve the same score, then the tie is broken by the total time taken to submit the last solution resulting in a higher score

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