The 3 best 10-quart coolers for your summer day trip

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The 3 best 10-quart coolers for your summer day trip

When it comes to a portable cooler, there is a variety of sizes at hand: 5-quart, 10-quart, 20-quart, 30-quart, 45-quart, 50-quart, 60-quart, 100-quart, 125-quart, and so on. There is always a cooler for you on the market, depending on your requirements. A medium-sized one is usually the right choice due to its multiple uses, but it is not needed in all cases. If you are planning for a day trip, picnic, or hunting, you might need a massive 20-quart capacity cooler or maybe even a bigger one. A small ice cooler, which is portable, more lightweight, and less costly, is the best choice on your gear list.

Unfortunately, the premium brands like Orca or Yeti do not offer any hard coolers, which can outlast the cold retention than other models for under 20-quart. So, if you are in love with those brands, a 20-quart cooler is the smallest you can find from them. However, you can also find many other high-quality alternatives in the market at a reasonable cost. Below are the top three Best coolers on the market - Top Rated Coolers for your adventures, in low, medium, to middle-range, and premium range prices.

1. Coleman Excursion Portable Cooler, 9 Quart

The Coleman cooler is made up of polyurethane that is proven to be the highest quality insulation substance attainable on the market, deploying up to 30% more insulation performance. In empirical tests, it is shown that the cold loss occurs through the top and the base of a cooler more than through other parts. Hence, Coleman enhances insulating features on the lid and the bottom to improve cold retention.

The lid always snaps into place and does not open easily without using both hands to prevent an accidental opening. Moreover, the thick plastic wall contributes materially in keeping heat away. This product is reviewed to offer 24-hour insulation before adding more ice the next morning.

The plastic material of the Excursion cooler is extraordinarily hard, making it robust and resistant to pressure. Because of its relatively small size and large, comfortable handle, you can carry it around with only one hand without any problems, even when you put full contents inside.

Currently, this product costs $13.00 on Amazon, which is reasonable for this compact cooler.

2. IceMule Classic Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag

The IceMule is rated as one of the best small cooler bags in The King Live . The specific design as a hands-free package makes it unique to other competitors. It will comfortably strap to your back, leaving hands and arms free. It also has straps to secure itself to your boat, bike, or board.

The interior and exterior materials seem very tough and sturdily made. All the straps and buckles are made to last. The IceMule is built with high-quality material to retain solid ice for over 24 hours and keeping all kinds of stuff fresh and cold for a more extended time.

The cover is made from layers of exceptionally sturdy exterior fabric, creating rugged shells to improve durability and ice retention. Moreover, the polar layer foam adds extra air insulation to keep beverages frosty for over 24 hours.

It is waterproof and can even possibly float on water, so it’s perfect for hunting, kayaking, and various watersport activities. There are no zippers or welded seams. The IceMule’s closure system is designed as a hiking package, and gives easy access to load and unload the cooler.

The IceMule classic coolers are available in many colors and sizes. They offer a wide variety of young colors: Orange, Blue, Crimson, Olive, Seafoam, and Sunshine in three sizes: small (10l), medium (15l), and large (20l). At the time of this review, the IceMule Classic Coller – small size (10L) is priced at $60.00 on its online shopping website.

3. YETI Hopper Flip

YETI hard coolers always stay on top of its quality and durability as a premium brand. And their soft coolers also never let you down. Hopper Flip has been voted as the best small soft cooler in the premium range for years. There are 6 available sizes on this Hopper product line (ordered from the smallest to the largest item): a day trip lunch bag, Hopper Flip 8, Hopper Flip 12, Hopper Flip 18, Hopper Flip 24, and Hopper M30. For choosing a cooler of about 10 quarts, the Hopper Flip 8 and Hopper Flip 12 may meet your requirements.

The Hopper Flip 12 can hold up to 13 cans of beer with ice, and 8 cans for the Hopper 8. That capacity gives you extra space to hold food and drinks for a day or more. It is built like a tank with a long shoulder strap, making it easier to carry around.

The Hopper Flip model is built with high-quality materials. The cover is from FDA-approved food-grade lining and high-density fabric, which is waterproof and resistant to UV rays and other outside pressure. The closed-cell rubber foam delivers superior cold-retention more than other ordinary soft coolers. This Hopper Flip currently holds ice up to 24 hours and keeps your contents cold and fresh for more than a day.

Other extra features that ease your trip are also attached to those beautiful soft coolers:

Excellent zippers are sturdy, extraordinarily waterproof and leakproof. A waterproof gear case, called “Sidekick Dry,” keeps your personal items, such as keys, phones, wallets, paper documents safe and dry during the journey. The Molle bottle opener makes your brews ready to drink when you need it.

The only thing that might stop people from shopping YETI is the higher cost for this premium brand compared to other rivals. At the time of this review, it is quoted at 250.00 for the Hopper Flip 8 and 12, respectively, on

Bottom line

For your day trip or multi-day trips, having a way to store your food and drinks, or medicine insulated and fresh for the entire journey is essential. If the 20-quart or more capacity is too much for either your available space and or your budget, the Best coolers for keeping ice for picnic is ideally around 10 quarts. Usually, the best small cooler can hold ice up to 24 hours. So, you do not need to worry about refilling the ice during your day trip.


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