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Medical abortion is a method of terminating a pregnancy using medications, without surgery. In comparison with other methods (surgical or vacuum aspiration), this method is the most gentle for the woman’s body and does not have a destructive effect on reproductive function.

The procedure involves taking special medications under the supervision of a doctor. You can have a medical abortion up to 63 days after the end of your last menstrual period. Medical abortion like after Misoprostol buy in the early stages is the most preferable option if a decision is made not to continue the pregnancy. Health risks and discomfort during medication interruption are minimized.

The advantages of medical abortion are obvious and very significant:

  • possible termination of pregnancy in very early stages
  • there is no surgical intervention, all possible problems associated with it are excluded
  • no anesthesia or hospital stay required
  • no risk of infection
  • the procedure is usually completely painless
  • psycho-emotional stress is minimized


In addition to purely physiological benefits, the procedure of drug interruption is much easier to bear psychologically - and this is another serious plus. The main advantage of a medical abortion is that the possibility of infertility is almost completely eliminated, and all opportunities for the desired pregnancy are preserved!

How is medical abortion performed?

To terminate pregnancy, the tablet drugs Mifepristone, Mifegin, Pencrofton are used. These are non-hormonal drugs that are antagonists of progesterone (pregnancy hormone). Taking them in certain doses and according to a certain scheme causes a pause in the development of pregnancy.

At the first visit to the doctor, the patient undergoes a gynecological examination and ultrasound of the pelvic organs (to clarify the gestational age and exclude contraindications). At the same time, blood tests and a smear for flora are taken. The patient receives full information about medical abortion and signs the necessary documents. The day before a visit to the doctor, a woman should refrain from alcohol, smoking, and large meals.

The second stage is carried out after 36-48 hours. A woman, in the presence of a gynecologist, takes second-stage medications. For 2-4 hours, the woman is in the clinic under the supervision of medical personnel, and then goes home. As a rule, expulsion of the fertilized egg, accompanied by bleeding, occurs either during these four hours in the clinic, or after some time, when the woman is already at home.

As a rule, nothing prevents a woman from immediately returning to her normal lifestyle.

After 12-15 days, a final control medical examination and ultrasound are required, the purpose of which is to exclude the possibility of complications or incomplete abortion. All ultrasound examinations are carried out free of charge.

Attempting to carry out the entire procedure without the supervision of doctors by taking medications on your own can be extremely dangerous! Only a doctor will determine the required dose of the drug and will be able to help in case of complications, in particular bleeding. The effectiveness and safety of drugs used for drug interruption are guaranteed only if they are used according to the correct method and in the exact dosage!

Contraindications to drug interruption

Contraindications to medical abortion include suspected ectopic pregnancy, renal and liver failure (acute or chronic), uterine fibroids, severe bronchial asthma, and inflammatory diseases of the genital area. Long-term treatment with hormonal drugs may also be a contraindication to medical abortion.


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