Compete in the ultimate university CodeSprint.

Congrats to those who qualified to Finals! To those who did not qualify, don't worry, you can still participate and solve challenges via our Open Leaderboard. Only qualified teams are eligible to win prizes.

Solve CodeChallenges. Qualify to the next round.
Win Prizes and maybe even land your dream job.

World Cup is an online competition open to all university students from around the world.
Form a team (2 or 3 players) or code alone. Reserve your spot and represent your university.

This is a multi-stage competition consisting of 3 rounds.

Each round will be open for a specific amount of time allowing multiple time zones equal opportunity to participate.

Teams who qualify to the next round will receive an email invitation confirming their spot.

QUALIFIERS - 6 CodeChallenges

Sept 11th @ 9am PST (48 hrs)

Top 50%* of teams on the Leaderboard qualify to Semi Finals.

*All teams whose final score is the same as the team in the 50% rank qualify (including teams ranked lower because of time penalty tiebreaker).

SEMI FINALS - 6 CodeChallenges

Sept 19th @ 9am PST (24 hrs)

Top 50* teams qualify to Finals.

*The tiebreaker is the time penalty from the beginning of the round. Be sure to begin promptly!

FINALS - 4 CodeChallenges

Sept 26th @ 9am PST (6 hrs)

1 Winning Team

Compete for killer prizes.

Everyone within a winning team gets a prize.

Rank 1

Video chat with our founders or Ahmed Aly & DJI Phantom Vision Quadcopter

Rank 2

Phantom 2 Vision+

Rank 3

Apple Watch

Rank #1 - 100

Champion Hoodies

Rank #101 - 250

Champion T-shirts

All who complete
1 CodeChallenge

$100 AWS credits
and more

Your dream job is one code submission away.

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Meet Our Past Champions


Rank #2 ZenHacks

"By competing, you’ll do really well in all standard interview questions. You won’t need to memorize questions & you’ll be able to think on the fly."


Rank #4 SpringSprint

"How far you get depends on your dedication... Practicing with friends can be more productive than training in isolation because of shared insights. "


Rank #1 SpringSprint

"Solve whatever you can and have fun. Afterwards, think about how to solve the problems you didn't get. That way you'll do better next time!"

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