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  • Start : 12:00am GMT on Saturday, Feb 28th
  • End  : 11:59pm GMT on Saturday, Feb 28th
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About Zenefits

Crazy fast growth

Zenefits launched in May 2013 at TechCrunch Disrupt. Since last January, our revenue has grown 20x, and our engineering team has grown from 5 to 50. TechCrunch called us one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies ever. Forbes ranked us as the hottest startup of 2014. Even David Sacks, COO of PayPal and founder of Yammer, couldn't resist joining us as COO!

Why all the fuss? Back-office operations for small and medium businesses are broken. Owners are faced with a myriad of time-consuming systems that dont talk to each other. Often, they just throw their hands up and use Excel. Zenefits is changing that by providing one system that handles payroll, HR, health insurance, and a lot more, for free! That way, our clients can do what they love -- run their business.

Engineering at Zenefits

Here at Zenefits were trying to redefine the way software is built. From the beginning, weve built our team around the principle that every engineer is the CEO of their own product. Instead of being handed feature requests and requirements from on high, its each engineers job to decide whats important for their products, and prioritize accordingly. The product team are our resources, rather than the other way around. Accordingly, were all full-stack engineers, though of course some projects are more backend- or frontend- intensive.

What do we look for? From stock options to health insurance enrollment, our job is to encode complex business processes and employment regulations in our codebase. Zenefits engineers need to have a certain savvy about how to deal with these sorts of things. A passion for killing ad-hoc, inefficient spreadsheet workflows also helps.

About our stack: Python/Django on the backend and Ember on the frontend. We dont care that much whether you're familiar with our languages/frameworks; we know that the best engineers pick these up quickly.


Grand prize: $5,000
Top 10 finishers will be flown in for a Zenefits party on the weekend of March 7-8th. (This is conditional on your willingness to interview with Zenefits.) Top 100 get Zenefits T-Shirts - Subject to solving at-least one problem.