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Transform your tech hiring today!

From interns to experienced hires, evaluate skills for any developer role including: software engineer, back-end, front-end, devops, data scientist, and QA/SDET


1 user
Billed monthly
  • Up to 10 attempts per month
  • $20 per additional attempt
  • 1,000+ assessment questions
  • Access to Screen & Interview


5 Users
Billed monthly
  • Up to 25 attempts per month
  • $20 per additional attempt
  • 2,000+ assessment questions
  • Access to Screen & Interview


Custom number of users
Contact us for pricing
  • Custom attempts
  • 6,000+ assessment questions
  • Access to Screen & Interview
  • 40+ integrations
  • Customer Success
  • Hiring events
  • SSO


Recruiter License Designed for full access to the system. Allows a user to create tests, invite candidates, review scores, interview candidates, administer the system. 1 user 2 users Custom number of users
Developer license Designed for the Interview Team. Allows a user to modify tests, review scores and interview candidates. 3 users Custom number of users
Test attempts The total candidate test & interview attempts licensed in this plan. Up to 10 per month Up to 25 per month Custom attempts
Projects Projects let you assess candidates on role-specific skills through real-world projects. Get a better understanding of on-the-job skills for front-end, back-end, full-stack, data science, and DevOps roles.
Code reviews Gain qualitative insight into candidate skill sets by reviewing their code review comments. Available in Premium plan.
Library access Content that provides valid, reliable, and unbiased assessments. 1,000 questions 2,000 questions 6,000 questions
Support With over a decade of tech hiring expertise, our team can help you with your most difficult hiring challenges. Email + chat Email + chat Email + chat + phone


Plagiarism detection Identify candidate submissions with the likelihood of plagiarism. We optimize for candidate experience and reduce false alarms to ensure no innocent candidate is penalized.
Leaked-question detection Leaked-question detection alerts you when a question has been made available on the internet.
Insights AI powered insights for tech hiring and detailed reports.
Single sign-on (SSO) Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to access HackerRank. We support any SAML 2.0 based SSO and provide pre-built integrations.
Automated user provisioning Automated user provisioning allows new user accounts to be created automatically so that your team spends less time getting set up.
ATS integration Pre-built integrations allow you to send assessments to candidates, manage interview invites, and view results—all without leaving your ATS.
API access Access to HackerRank APIs for a custom integration (e.g., in-house applicant tracking system or single sign on solution).
Archiving An added layer of goverence for companies serious about compliance.

What’s included for everyone

100+ features that help your team focus on skill over pedigree.

Best-in-class candidate experience

Best-in-class candidate experience

  • Developer-friendly IDE
  • Zoom powered audio/visual
  • Virtual whiteboard for system design and diagramming
  • Virtual candidate lobby for back-to-back interviews
  • Candidate prep kits
  • Customizable invites
Standardized, skills-based content library

Standardized, skills-based content library

  • 50 programming languages supported
  • 69 roles and 180 skills supported
  • 16 question types
  • Hands-on project questions
  • Upload custom questions
  • Questions for all experience levels
  • AI solvability flags


Skills-based screening

Skills-based screening

  • AI-powered plagiarism detection
  • Proctoring tools
  • Detailed reporting
  • Customizable candidate filters
  • Robust scoring
Developer-first interviews

Developer-first interviews

  • Code playback and review
  • Interview templates
  • All-in-one IDE powered by VS Code
  • Plagiarism and proctoring tools

Frequently asked questions

The term attempts is the measurement of your use of HackerRank. When a candidate completes your Screen take home assessment that counts as one attempt. When you interview a candidate, that also counts as an attempt. Sending a candidate an invite to take an assessment does not count as an attempt. Your subscription comes with a set number of attempts. Any usage beyond what’s included will be billed to you during your normal monthly billing cycle. This does not apply to custom packages.

Every plan comes with access to at least 1 question for every question type HackerRank offers. This allows each plan to be able to assess all Roles and Skills. HackerRank supports 14 different question types across 3 categories: General, Programming, and Project based questions. See all question types here.

HackerRank Screen consists of skills-based coding tests to assess how well a developer can code. Companies find that including a technical screening phase into their hiring process improves their overall time to hire, as well as their quality of hire.

HackerRank Interviews allow you and your candidates to simultaneously edit code, share files, and collaborate via chat and video all within your browser. The platform comes with hiring-specific tools like code playback, scorecards, and a candidate lobby.

Project questions allow you to assess roles that require multiple files to mirror a real world working scenario. Roles like Front-end, Back-end, Mobile, and Data science that require pulling in information from many sources can now be easily assessed in our container based environment.

All customers have 24×7 access to the HackerRank Academy, on-demand training videos and recorded webinars. All customers also have access to technical support through articles, documentation, and email/chat with our support team. Beyond self-serve options, customers who choose the Custom plan have access to customer success and solution engineering support for things like test creation guidance, integration support, and onboarding.