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Showcase your tech brand with Engage

Engage helps you promote your tech brand to developers in the language they understand – coding events & hackathons. Create buzz about your brand, build candidate relationships and provide a sneak peek into real-world problems your team solves every day. Our AI co-pilot makes it easy.

Integrated Platform

The all-in-one engagement platform

Engage more developers with tools for creating, promoting, and hosting coding events & hackathons. AI builds your event in minutes with branded websites and plug-and-play coding challenges. Share it with the world through targeted ads and scheduled email sequences.

  • Host technical challenges & hackathons Launch turn-key coding events that attract developers.
  • Deliver a real-world experience Showcase the problems your team solves with real-world challenges.
  • Build a community of brand enthusiasts Attract, engage and nurture developers.

AI makes it easy

Engage uses AI to build an event tailored to your brand and goals. We make it so easy, anyone on your team can do it.

  • Answer the AI-generated prompts.
  • Enter your event goal, theme, and audience.
  • Match your brand style and tone.

Show devs what you’re made of

Developers want an up close look at what your company has to offer. Our deep library of real-world problems can showcase the type of work you’re doing.

  • Leverage library of real-world challenges.
  • Let developers showcase their skills with familiar tools.
  • Deliver a stellar developer experience.
Screenshot of Engage coding challenge

Build developer relationships

Use Engage to deliver a rewarding experience 
to a larger audience of developers.

  • Access HackerRank’s community of 24+ million developers.
  • Build and nurture candidate relationships.
  • Fill your tech talent pipeline.
Screenshot of candidates in Engage

Give developers what they want

Job descriptions don’t do justice to what developers will be working on or what they’ll be exposed to. Show them that your company offers an exciting opportunity and the chance to work with cool technology and an even cooler team.

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Schedule a demo

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