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Hire the right developers with the right skills, every time

Give your hiring teams the tools and insights they need to get your technical hiring humming. Optimize your hiring process with HackerRank.

Hire more. Hire better. Hire faster.

Companies around the world use HackerRank as the foundation of their tech hiring process. We think their results speak for themselves.

  • decrease in time engineers spend evaluating assessments

  • increase in skilled developers hired

  • hours of time saved per candidate interviewed

Optimize Hiring

Set up the optimal hiring process for each tech role

We’ve helped companies hire millions of developers, and along the way we’ve learned that hiring processes are more effective when they’re tailored for the nuances of each role.

  • Set up an optimal hiring process for each role
  • Ensure the right skills are assessed at the right time, in the right way
  • Save your time while increasing hiring throughput
Green icon of a candidate scorecard

Test Health

Keep your tests healthy and effective

Skills tests are a touchpoint of your brand, and when they miss the mark, they turn promising candidates away. Our rigorous test health analysis helps you see what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change.

  • Dial in the ideal test difficulty, length, and attempt rate
  • Receive recommendations on improving candidate engagement
  • Implement certified assessments and leave the test health legwork to us
  • Go deeper into test health and perform adverse impact and validation studies with our I/O team
Screenshot of a HackerRank Certified Assessment

Assessment Integrity

Ensure fair and accurate assessments

Promote a fair test-taking environment with cutting-edge proctoring and unmatched AI-powered plagiarism detection.

  • Give every developer an equal opportunity to showcase their skills
  • Monitor dozens of signals, including copy/paste tracking and tab switching
  • Successfully detect AI use through enhanced code review
  • Know when tests are at risk thanks to leaked question monitoring and AI solvability flags
Screenshot of code and a pop up with a suspicion index score

Trusted by the Fortune 100

  • Perform content validation studies and adverse impact analysis with our expert I/O team
  • Manage robust enterprise-grade integrations with leading ATS and HR tech platforms in our partner network
  • Partner with our expert services team to build custom content and challenges for your organization
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