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Set up your skills strategy in a flash

Build a skills strategy that actually works, actually scales, and actually keeps up with ever-evolving skills. Our plug-and-play skills taxonomy gets you up and running fast and keeps your skills current without the hassle.

Skills Authority

Speak the same language

Adopting a common skills taxonomy reduces confusion, accelerates hiring velocity, and facilitates internal mobilization.

  • Our taxonomy is informed by millions of developer assessments
  • We map skills to capabilities and roles using advanced ML and clustering algorithms
  • Our taxonomy is continuously validated by enterprise customers
  • Visit the Roles Directory to see how skills map to roles and job families
image of developers collaborating, surrounded by screenshots of HackerRank's products

Strong Signal

Set it and (mostly) forget it

You don’t have time to manually operate an effective skills strategy. And you shouldn’t have to. We’ll help you automate from start to finish.

  • Need a skills taxonomy out of the box? We’ve got you covered.
  • Need skills tests out of the box? We’ve got you there, too.
  • Certified assessments are trusted, role-based tests maintained by HackerRank experts.
  • Bringing your own skills models? Tap our expert services to map your custom skills to our skills taxonomy.
Screenshot of a HackerRank Certified Assessment

Developer Experience

Test real-world skills

How you measure skills is critical. We use hands-on challenges in real coding environments to understand proficiency at a deeper level than you’ll ever get with multiple choice.

  • Assess skills in realistic scenarios that align with on-the-job responsibilities
  • Let developers showcase their skills in familiar environments
  • See how senior devs review code, how data scientists work with relational datasets, and more
Diagram of HackerRank's skills taxonomy

Expert services

Need a more tailored solution? Tap our expert services to drive your skills strategy implementation.

Skills Mapping
Expert IO Psychologists map your custom skills taxonomy to our out-of-the-box skills taxonomy.
Content Validation
A local validation study in which experts link test content to job requirements to establish and document the job relatedness of technical tests.
Assessment Content Management
Continued development of content and maintenance of assessments.
Job Analysis
A scientific analysis of one or more roles in your organization to identify the important duties for the role and the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that enable success.
Criterion Validation
A local validation study that establishes a correlation between test scores and job performance.
Adverse Impact Analysis
An analysis of group differences in test scores or passing rates and recommendations for reducing them, if observed.

We know developer skills like nobody’s business

We’re obsessed with developers and have 10+ years of proprietary skills data that gives us a deep understanding of developer skills and how they shift as the industry evolves. And while other companies rely on college curriculums, books, and search engines to map skills, we turn to our Skills Advisory Council, a panel of industry experts, to identify, certify, and standardize our skills.

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